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Nirvana the Queen of Electronics
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Nirvana the Queen of Electronics's Stats

Name: Nirvana Rossiter
Age: Seventeen
Species: Full-blooded human (supposedly)
Homeworld: Keflavik, Iceland, Europe, Heart
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Cerulean
Height: 5'0"
Personality: Nirvana loves life. She always has. According to her, there was nothing better than to sit on the porch under the bright sunshine and just read to your heart's content. Let everyone else hustle and bustle to get everything done because life was too short -- she was going to take her time and let life's pleasures come to her. She never hurries her work, she thinks things through and makes careful judgement. She loves the quiet atmosphere of the ocean, and often goes down to Iceland's shores to just walk or think. She dislikes loud noise or loud people, or the swift race of a city. She prefers to feel the grass beneath her feet or the wind in her hair, instead of cool concrete and exhaust fumes. She is a middling student, with a little over a C average, but she doesn't seem to mind. It infuriates her sister than she puts such good brains to waste on junk. When not down at the beach or on the porch reading a book, Nirvana can either be found peacefully sleeping or playing one of the many video games her family owns. Her classmates call her the Queen of Games, and she did not stop them from continuing. Though she's no wonderful fixer-upper, she is good at figuring out which plug goes where, how to get several plugs into one socket, where the extension cords go so no one is tripping over them. As a result of all her constant playing, she has developed quick hand reflexes and great reception skills, not to mention an excellent memory for the stupidest things. Her parents, noticing this, enrolled her in electric piano classes, which Nirvana promptly fell in love with. For someone who didn't like the noise of the city, she certainly enjoyed the haunting melodies she could concoct on her piano. However, when she was twelve, her peaceful way of life came to a screeching halt. Her big sister, Vanya, woke up to find little bumps on her shoulders that itched and ached something awful. This upsetted her parents very much. They words they used with each other were very harsh, and quiet Nirvana just wanted to hit rewind and start the day over. Within a week, the bumps had expanded over her entire back, and she was growing feverish. The elders were also telling all of Vanya's friends to go home, which worried Nirvana even more; her parents had always been lenient as far as Vanya's friends went. By next morning, Vanya had wings. Nirvana spent the entire morning brushing the blood off of them, admiring the beautiful golden feathers while her exhausted sister slept. The tranquility of this pasttime was short-lived (well, short-lived by Nirvana's standards), for around the time Vanya woke, their parents came into the room with two duffel bags and informed them tearfully they they had to go live somewhere else now, somewhere where people with wings were accepted, where they could live and not have to hide as much, where they could start anew. And so the Rossiter sisters ended up in North America, with the winged people of Montana. But Nirvana did not say a word, not to anybody, not even to Vanya. She became known as the Quiet One, for she somehow managed to convey her wishes without saying anything at all. Her name doesn't mean deep silence for nothing. She's the 'manager' of sorts for Pure Green Magic; she hooks everybody up, sets up all the instruments and decorations and gets everything up and going and a little more than spectacular. She turned the garage from a ... well, garage, into a an all-out preformance stage. And, with the help of her Handy Dandy Electric Piano, she turned Pure Green Magic's music into a trance fest, made all the more haunting by Midori's voice.
Family: Fjodir, father; Kiska, mother; Vanya, sister
Status: Alive
Lyric: Our memories
Well, they can be inviting
But some are altogether
Mighty frightening
As we die, both you and I
With my head in my hands
I sit and cry
Hush, hush don't tell me tell me cause it hurts