`cant a chick from da hood find a homie dat wanna do more than spend money on me?`

Should I? [21 Jun 2005|12:54am]
[ mood | confused ] Ok so yesterday(or June 20..dis is an early mornin entry) I let yall know bout my new "friend" kevin. He's been callin me all day and earlier i clicked him in on the phone wit my bestfriend(the one that was mad yesterday). We talked about the situation and she's cool wit me talkin to him. Anyway, he's been actin like 'romeo' and 'casanova' allll day. He's been tellin how he just broke up wit "the love of his life" and how he doesn't want to rush into another relationship but he thinks i'm "the one". Man, he's so sweet but I know not to believe all the shit that a nigga tells me. He has everything that I want in a nigga,but I refuse to cheat on D and also if I do hook up wit Kevin he'll be leavin soon. He's gone out of town on the weekends promoting and stuff (he is a rapper/singer/producer) and he'll be going to college in the fall.ALL THE WAY IN PHOENIX!! I've only been wit D for 2mnths and I dont wanna ruin nothin, but kevin is sayin all of the right things and he has everything that I want in a man. Let me know what yall think I should do I took pics today so I guess I'll put em up lata

So much drama... [20 Jun 2005|12:37pm]
[ mood | crappy ] Ok, so I found out today that my cuz has been lyin to my boyfriend tellin him lil shit like "She dont wanna be wit you nomo so give up." and "Stop callin her cuz you just wastin yo time." I hadn't talked to him in like 3 or 4 days cuz his hours at work have been screwed, but he called me Sunday and was tellin me that she told him all of this shit about me wanting to end stuff wit him. Wonder why she did that!! So at first I wasn't believin him cuz she usually tells me when she has talked to him. Last night, I get a phone call from him talkin bout "Baby, yo cuz is comin to me talkin bout you dont wanna be wit me nomo and I need to know whats up wit dat." So basically I had to spend my wholllllllle night explainin to him that I do want to be wit him and I dont know why she's been tellin him shit like that. Then he starts tellin me that my other cousin was wit her when she was tellin him that and he was agreein. After I got off the phone I tried to call the two cousins he was talkin bout and they didnt answer the phone so now they got me really heated. I knew there was a reason I havent heard from them in like a week. DAMN BIRDS! How could fam do some shit like that to ya? And they my first cousins on top of dat!! To add to dat drama one of my bestfriends is kinda mad at me over this nigga named kevin. To make a long story short..Kevin is a guy that I met today. He's one of my playsista's brothers and she introduced me to him earlier. He's real cute and he's a rapper/singer wit some more boys I know (kinda strange that I'm cool wit his sister and his boys but todays the first day I met him). Anyway, my bestfriend wanted to hook up wit him but he turned her down and asked for my number instead. So now she's been semi-mad at me over that!! I thought u were never suppose to let a nigga come in between your friendship.?. ANYWHO...here goes some pics I took today. They kinda busted but *shrugs* oh well

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