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               Samantha Leanne


My name is Samantha Leanne.  I am 17 years old and I am a Junior at Straughn High School.  I am a Varsity cheerleader.  I enjoy cheering, being in beauty pageants, going to the beach, riding fourwheelers, and being with my friends.  In the future, I plan to attend the University of Alabama to become a criminal lawyer.  These are my friends at Straughn:


Leandria Owens            Jeff Bass

Jessica Rambo                Jared Armstrong

Kayla Rabren                 Brent Hinds

Meagan Gantt               Cas Sasser

Brandie Moser                 Jamie Straughn               

Meagan Carter                  Hunter Norris

Megan Hinds                    Adam Johnson

Abby Bracewell                Ashley Daniels

Traneshia Stoudemire        Dustin Worley

Justin Bracewell               Hunter Kinsaul

Brent Nall                            Michael Hobbs

 Jeremy Morgan                   MJ Cunningham                



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