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On The Rise Model: Miss Shayne Spencer

Miss In Demand

Victoria's Newest Secret

From Catholic School Girl to the most In Demand Model

While Miss Spencer can't seem to escape the flashes of the papparazzi, she claims that she's the happiest when she can make it through a day with no interruptions.

Hollywood Hookups

Romantically linked with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter after jumping on & off their successful Black & Blue World Tour.

Has she strayed from the Hollywood spotlight?

Do NOT hold your breath!

Recent Work

  • Dolce & Gabanna campaign: Feminine
  • Christian Dior: Dolce Vita
  • French Cosmo Cover Story
  • Roberto Cavalli: Old Fashioned
  • Italian Vogue Cover Story

Recent Runway Shows

  • Victoria's Secret 2003 CBS Special
  • MTV Fashionably Loud 2003
  • Appeared in 19 of the 24 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Shows

Seen around town most often with

  • Fellow Shoppaholic Britney Spears
  • Frankie Rayder
  • James King
  • Personal assistant Kiara Fabiani
  • Natalie Portman
  • unidentified college girlfriends

Why She has become so in demand

  • Her never-ending legs, slender figure & exotic beauty thrust her into the Fashion limelight as the new IT girl.

Biographical Information

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TV Interviews

Models:Beauty & Brains

  • Attended an All Girl Catholic College Prep. (School girl uniform & all)
  • Currently enrolled in an unknown University
  • Hopes to continue the college experience so she has something to fall back on once her modeling days bore her...because with her beauty & unique look, her days will NEVER be numbered.

Top Quotes from E! Interview:

  • April 2003
  • "I just wanna be able to balance myself. That's seriously all I'm asking for; balance in my life."
  • "This lifestlye is out of this world. Seriously man...I've been in this business since I was a kid. At 15 years old I was around cocaine and really messes with a girl's head."
  • "I stayed away from the drugs for as long as I can remember. But college really does change people...that's all I'll say."
  • "You step out of the spotlight for like 1 minute, & immediately you're bombarded with rumors and harassment. NO I'm not in rehab, NO I'm not having a breakdown..I just wanna be normal."
  • "My family means the world to me. We fight unbelievably, but I would not be here today without them with me every step of the way."
  • "It's hard to find true friends so late in life, yanno? You never know what people want from you, or what they know about you. I have this paranoia with the people I surround myself with...mostly because of all the bad experiences I've had. You just have to know who you're around...there's not much more to do."
  • Top Quotes from MTV's True Life:On The Runway
  • "It gets to the point where you are sitting in a car on the way to show # 7, and your second voice starts to remind you that everything is in control...I still have yet to realize that that is not a good sign."
  • "Yea you go to exotic locations, and party hard after the shows with your glass of Cristal & a few lines of cocaine, but inside you're just screaming."
  • "Travelling the world & visiting places an average person may never get to visit is wonderful...but not through the window of the plane or car."
  • "I won't lie. You get paid insane amounts of money to walk down a runway. Yea..once you get in demand and you run yourself into the ground working day in and day out, you can afford to send yourself to a nice rehab and clean yourself up. That's always nice to know.
  • "...About having relationships with people in the business? Oh..well, it can be nice, but it's like double the complication. You have no privacy. Pictures come up and you're just like, 'I remember being there, but someone snapped a picture?' It gets beyond frustrating when it's the headline the next day."

Favorite HotSpots

  • SkyBar (NYC)
  • The Loungs (LA)
  • Kona Grill (Scottsdale Arizona)
  • South Beach Strip (Miami FL)
  • Studio 54 (NYC)

Where she lives:

  • Just bought a new home for a reported $1.9 million in the high profile Mulloholland Hills
  • Penthouse Apartment in Manhattan, NY
  • Reported to be taking time off to expereience the "college lifestyle," & staying in the dorms
  • Frequently visits where she calls home in Phoenix, Arizona

On the Rise Model:Shayne Spencer

US Weekly

Miss In Demand

  • Never ending legs on such a lean body instantly classifies her as an Amazon
  • Her Exotic Beauty thrusts her into the spotlight as one of the Most Wanted female models
  • Her never before seen features will be the beginning of a new era of the Exotic Beauties

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