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Ohio Valley Wrestling was pleased to welcome back alumni Rico Costantino and Randy Orton to its show at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Friday, June 28th! The WWE Superstars were brought in to take on The Revolution, The Machine and Damaja with Queen Victoria at ringside. Rico was welcomed back with a huge reception as he entered Six Flag's Batman Arena to his old OVW theme music. With a "Stylish" entrance, he came to the ring to a thunderous applause. The match began with Rico versus Damaja, and a big "Shush!" to Machine on the apron. Damaja and Rico traded remarks about hairstyles (Damaja may be beyond even Rico's considerable sytling talents!) Rico stayed in solid control of the match, and when the tag was made to Machine, Rico pulled out a solid mule kick from his vast array that left Machine semi conscious in the corner. With a sly grin, Rico started to show the world what he's learned from Rikishi in the form of a stinkface, but Machine manages to avert disaster. Tag to Randy and the superstars double team Machine. Machine fights back, but was soon down on the mat for a two count thanks to Randy's gorgeous flying cross body. Tag to Rico, and he is soon isolated in his opponent's corner as Victoria provides a distraction to the referee. An even paced match, until Damaja hits Randy with a low blow, allowing him to nail the Brain Damage for the win. But the best was yet to come...Rico grabs the "ho of ho's", Victoria, and throws her to Randy. Randy, being the red blooded American male he is kisses her...then scoop slams her right to the mat! She struggles to the corner, and as she does Rico get's that old Samoan-type idea again. Rico drops his animal print pants and Victoria gets a close of up his near "Golden" thong in the form of a stinkface much to the crowd's delight!
The work wasn't finished for our supertstars, however, as their talents were needed after the main event, a piledriver match between Nova and Jerry Lawler versus Sean O'Haire and The Prototype, John Cena. This match had to be won by piledriver, and if Lawler were to happen to win, he would get five minutes alone in the ring with the detestable Kenny Bolin! When Bolin tried to back out of his committment, his former star Rico was there with Randy at his side to ensure he followed through! The evening ended with a wonderful "Role Model" in Rico congratulating OVW's next Superstar Nova!