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Eyes: Hazel

Height: 6

Weight: 238

Birthday: October 1st

Home: Las Vegas, Nevada

Born a second generation Italian American, Rico’s early life was spent playing with lizards in the dessert of Nevada. His young academic career was turbulent at one point, until his entrance to Northwest military academy. He graduated at the top of his class and at one point considered enrollment at West Point. Returning to Las Vegas, however, he tried his hand at a variety of jobs before settling into a career as a paramedic. This led to enrollment in the police academy, and graduating first in the entire state. His role as police officer was rewarding, despite numerous injuries in the line of duty. It also paved the way for his next career as a body guard, a role he would assume off and on till his eventual breakthrough into wrestling in 1999.

Recovering from a knee injury suffered while performing stuntwork as Batman in a California theme park, Rico was challenged by the onscreen voice of American Gladiator Gemini to find out if he “Had what it took” to be a contestant for the show. The commercial would change his life somewhat, as anomynity as a body guard would have to give way to fame. Rico would end up defeating that same Gladiator in his own best event, the Joust. He defeated all the other contestants and Gladiators to become the champion for the 1990-1991 season. This led to an appearance on the European game show “Capture Ft. Boyard”, and a win over his former Gladiator nemesis Craig Branham.

A chance encounter led Rico to being recruited by the Power Team. What began as a two week tryout lasted almost two years as Rico traveled the world impressing young people with feats of strength, and counseling them at every opprotunity.

When he began to train with the Empire Wrestling Federation, it was just another endeavor Rico knew he would succeed at. His vast athletic background and mental prowess made him a natural at the sport, and after an unheard of twelve professional matches, he was signed to a WWF developmental contract, and sent to Ohio Valley wrestling for futher training and molding by Danny Davis and Jim Cornette.

Rico is currently touring with the WWF and performing dark matches, waiting for the proper time and story line to introduce him to the world at large.