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This page has basically been made to ask for help. I'm a small town girl with big dreams. But with the life i was given, I'm unable to come close to those dreams. I've been working since the age of 15, and still have nothing to show for it, except a bulged disk pinching my main nerve that runs down my left leg. I had a scholorship to go to any college I wanted, but it has expired due to the fact that I needed to keep working to keep myself off the streets. What I'm asking for is a little help. I want to go to college so badly! I told my mother I would before she passed away. Now that shes gone its the only promise I havent kept. If anyone out there has a heart please, I'm begging, any little help would be greatfully desired. Please send any donation to Jamie DeWitt P.O. Box 71 Richfield ID 83349. Thank you and God Bless