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Merry Christmas


These are pictures from our Christmas night out 14th December 2002

headless sacco

First round of drinks bought by Chris Burke, needless to say Dawn ordered a large one !!!

xmas tree

Group picture

Maria eagerly points out that I managed to get Salvatore on this picture, yes I know I cut his head off the other one !!! Hope it didnt hurt too much

Fur coat fight

After the rock hotel, and a belly full of booze n food, we proceeded to Wolverhampton in search of nightlife and the opportunity to dance off the calories

christmas candle

Karen and Nicky

Karen and Nicky pause from the dancing to pose for the camera


Arrgggghh Dancing to ketchup song

Oh no!!!!...........The Ketchup song, and caught on camera too

Maria Karen and Nicky seem to have this dance routine sorted....Shhhh dont tell anyone !!!

Christmas tree

ooooh errrrrrrr Mrs

Oh Gawd, what are you doing paul, and did you realise you were caught on Candid Camera?


Music: Merry xmas everybody by Slade