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The olden days

Yes I'm afraid this is a very apt description of the times, given that its probably 25 years (or more) since these pictures rolled of the production line in some film developers studio when 1 hour developing hadnt been invented.

Apologies for the graphic quality... I have enhanced them slightly in psp which has made very little difference... ha ha


on the way back from fag

Tina and Karen on the playing fields..probably on the way back from a smoke behind the boiler house


bad hair day

Is it windy?.....Why else would we be looking like this?....On second thoughts dont answer that !!!


angela and karen

Angela and Karen seem to have found something amusing.....oh gawd that carrier bag again. And yes Maria your hair was that long once upon a time luvvie.



Ermmmmmm.....Footsie yeahhh!!...those of you who were around at the time will remember that track. Looks like Karen and Maria are practicing some fancy footwork ready for a disco routine.

If I had know this picture was going to be used against me in later life I would have left the socks behind when I got dressed that morning


mandy karen and lisa

Ha Ha found these lurking in an old photo album

{short description of image}

Hmmmmm who's fingers are those?

I tend to think they are Mandy's cos I wouldn't do something like that, and they definitely dont belong to Little Lisa (he he he)

Karen and Maria at the Laff

Oh dear Xmas hat n Bay City Rollers scarf

Someone call the fashion police !!!

Kenny Karen and Maria

Another Monday night at the Lafayette 15-18's club


Music: Footsie by Wigans chosen few