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The night before

The night before the reunion a few of us decided to get together for a drink down the local. Wow what a transformation "The Harrowby Arms", newly refurbished and looking very glorious was our chosen location.

The only time I had ever been there in my life before, was during school lunchtime to buy 10 No.6 for 15p from the grotty outdoor.



As you can see it didnt take us long to start chatting, and it was lovely to see people that hadnt seen each other since the day we left Pendeford High School 25 years before

(That makes us old fogies doesnt it?)


Lovely smiles from Dawn and Carol, and Dawn those lampshades look lovely on you !!!



Ahhh now its Chris's turn to wear Megan is wondering when she gets to try them on



Karen and Maria pose for the camera next..........Damn never did get to wear the lampshades


ha ha

Oh dear did something scare these two?



There you are Megan...I knew you would get to wear them at some point !!

Music: Reaching for the best by The Exciters