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After leaving school I went to college for two whole years and they were the worst years of my life arghhhhhhhhhh (bad mistake)

following on from that i got a job with social services and ended up looking after older people in residential care, that was great cos I love people and I got paid for it too !!

A few wild years,Isle of Man TT races and several bike rallies under my belt..

In October 1987 at the grand old age of 27 I had my first child Leanne. Labour started and i phoned the hospital. The midwife said "No dear you most certainly cannot come to the hospital on the back of a motorbike I will be sending an ambulance".

Oh what a shock Leanne was to my life

I now had to think in terms of "has Leanne been fed and changed" etc before even contemplating going to the shops for a bottle of milk.

Further to this the bike had to take second place after being the only mode of transport in 12 years, and a car had to be bought to transport Leanne, pushchair, toys and other necessary items wherever we decided to go

Meanwhile I get a better job with a leading midlands RSL

(thats registered social landlord to u lot....... ha ha)

In August 1993 child number two, Alix another girl rushed into the world (minutes to spare as we arrived at New Cross Hospital to find a fire engine in maternity entrance and we were

refused admission). "Not to worry" the ambulance man said, "I delivered a kid some twenty years ago love", and I'm sure we can muddle through this together...arrgghhhhhhhh

A month or so later and nursing my lovely new baby I realise that there are normal womanly monthly functions amiss........

Oh damn.....yes u guessed right!!!

This pregnancy was not pleasant.... endless days and sometimes weeks spent in New Cross hospital, getting to be on first name terms with the nurses and even being given responsibility for teaching new mothers parenting skills!!

(This time i had placenta praevia and had to spend most of the pregnancy in hospital)

In August 1994, just 11 months after giving birth to Alix, my only son Sam was born.

The next few years were very busy bringing up two babies and my six year old daughter as well as holding down a full time job.


~The day the child realises that all adults are imperfect he becomes an adolescent,

The day he forgives them he becomes an adult, The day he forgives himself he becomes wise~

Music: Basketcase by Greenday

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