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Reunion night

So many faces from the past, and regrets at not having taken more photographs.

Hopefully people who were there will have taken some and who knows I may even get some sent to me via E-mail.

*If I do get any photo's I will update the page*



Posing for the camera seems to come very naturally to these three


what do u want?

I seem to have disturbed Mark Tolley whilst attempting to take a photo of my little bro and his mates


very very nice smile

Nice smile Mr. Turner

......not sure who the guy is in the background who seems to be looking on rather



hello again

Hello again...your certainly not camera shy are you



What did someone say to Maria that made her look so disgruntled?


marie and tina

What is that Tina?......You look like you have just seen an apparition.


marie and marietta

Marietta and Maria enjoying a chat before I insisted on taking their picture (as i do)


Well that was all I managed to take in the Masonic Hall, but Guess what?

Yes theres more..........Off to Mother India we go !!!

Music: Boogie Nights by Heatwave