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About Natural

So who is Natural? Natural is a boyBAND that formed in the summer of 1999. They not only sing and dance, but they also play instruments as an actual band. After forming in 1999 they wrote an accapella song and started singing for anyone who would listen. After having an audition for a major producer in the Orlando area, he signed them to his production company. After performing their 1st show at The House of Blues in Orlando (They sold the mother out!) they flew to New York City to perform their set 15 times for numerious record company reps.

Where the stardom takes off. Natural was already one of the most "popular" bands in the Orlando area just because they would go out and sing for people therefore building their already big fan base. A German tv station (SAT1) came over to Florida and taped the Natural guys for about 2-3week for a show 24hours, in which ended up being the highest rated tv show in that time slot that night. With the success of the show prompted Natural to take a 2 week trip to Germany. They performed in front of many people and headlined the Popkomm show (Note::Natural was the only unsigned band to headline Popkomm) They also did 2 other tv shows, GIGA and ChartAttacks.

After they came back from their trip from Germany, they caught the eye of Lou Pearlman (the mastermind behind BSB Nsync O-Town LFO etc) Mr.Pearlman offered a deal to Natural and they accepted. They signed with Transcon in October 2000.

A few months later they landed an opportunity of a life time. They got to go on the Monkees (yes! "Hey hey were the Monkees) Spring2001 tour. The started the tour on March 1st, 2001 in Clearwater, Florida and ended on April 4th, 2001 in Las Vegas Nevada.

After apearing in many magazines (their first was the July 2000 issue of POPSTAR! magazine where it has a picture of Natural with a cake that was bought to celebrate their very 1st show)and have caught the eyes of many people, their fan base is at it's biggest.

Natural also have made another 1st. They're the 1st band to go through sponsers to release their music! Their 1st sponser is Claire's Accessories and on June 1st, 2001 their 1st single "Put Your Arm's Around Me" will be available nation wide at all Claire's accessiories stores.

Natural will help finish up the remander of the Monkees 2001 tour this summer ending up in Fort Myers Florida.