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Claire's Promotion

Natural is one of those bands that have a lot of firsts. Example? #1 They're the only BAND to come out of Trans-con that does more than just sing and dance. #2 They were the first unsigned band EVER to headline the Popkomm concert in Germany. #3 They're the first band to release there music through sponsors instead of record companys. Confused? Well thats why I'm here.

Natural's 1st sponsor is Claire's Accessories (and sister stores The Icing and AfterThoughts). When sponsoring someone it's basically providing the funds and the promotion. Right now Claire's has a promotion going on. When you spend $12 or more you can get Naturals 1st singel "Put Your Arms Around Me" for 99 cents! How cool is that? So go to the Claire's nearest you and pick up the new Natural single along with the new POPSTAR! magazine in which Natural is gracing the cover.