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Your sisters and online friends
Caring Women of the World
wished to help celebrate
your special day,
wishing you
Happiest  Birthday  ever

Let's light the candles
and give a great cheer
For it's your birthday,
yes, it is finally here

Friends and family are here,
they gather about
All are ready..
"Happy Birthday!"
they begin to shout
There are presents to open,
such a beautiful display
All magical gifts,

so please, please don't you delay
All with bright cards
that say open me, open me
You hold up each loving gift,
for us to share.. 
you want us to see

There's such happiness in your voice,
a wonderful twinkle in your eye
You are as beautiful as ever,
thou the years may fly by.

It makes no difference 
if you are young or old
Birthdays are presents 
to cherish and hold

Barbara Jeffries-Taylor
© January 9, 2004
©Caring Women of the World
©Graphics SCM 2004
©Poetry: Barbara Jeffries-Taylor
Snowglobes: Chey, Astrid, Icemaid
Tubes: Athena, Barbs, Cari, Marlene,
Graphic Gifts from Members in Guestbook

Midi- Freddy-
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