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Academy Awards 2002

The Awards Transcript of Related Parts

"Russell walked away with 'The Invisible Oscar"


After Parties


And the Oscar Goes to....A Beautiful Mind

Ron Howard & Brian Grazer - Producers
Directed by: Ron Howard
Starring: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly
Written by: Akiva Goldman

Brian Grazer: It says it was really close. Which it was. Hi, Ron. Yikes. 
Okay. I want to thank the Academy for selecting our movie. I started out
 in the business as a writer. Not a very good writer, but a writer, nonetheless. 
I've had the privilege of working with better writers, great actors and brilliant 
directors. I found that my calling was to tell stories as a producer, and I just
 love doing just that. In the case of A BEAUTIFUL MIND the story and the 
subject were personal and important to me. And to receive an award for making this movie is a miracle.

I want to thank Universal Pictures, two very important and special people to me, 
Ron Meyer and Stacey Snider. I want to thank their team including Scott, Peter, 
Marc and Nicky. DreamWorks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and 
David Geffen. Sylvia Nasar and Graydon Carter. And my dedicated team at 
Imagine, Michael Rosenberg, Maureen Peyrot, Todd Hallowell and Karen Kehela, 
who is an amazing partner for me.

Ron Howard. A closer friend, a better partner, a more inspired and evolving 
filmmaker, I could never find. Thank you, Ron, for all of that. I can't pull this apart. 
I'm so nervous. I know it's imperceptible. It's my honor to work with the profound 
Russell Crowe. And we wouldn't be here if it weren't for Russell Crowe. His
amazing dedication, work ethic and artistry have gotten us here. The sublime 
Jennifer Connelly and all the fine actors on the movie. Akiva Goldsman, thank 
you for creating this difficult and heartrending script. Thank you James Horner 

for your most original and haunting score. Thank you to John and 
Alicia Nash. You've not only inspired a movie that has given so many a greater understanding 
of the vagaries of the mind, but you've given us a greater understanding of ourselves. I hope 
in some way our movie helped to improve the way we feel about and treat the mentally ill. 
And then I want to thank my little circle of love, my incredible, 
beautiful, amazing wife and my kids, Riley, Sage and Thomas. Thank you.

Ron Howard: God bless and thank you for this support.


And the Oscar goes to...Ron Howard for A Beautiful Mind

Thank you. Well, I am not a good enough actor anymore to be able to stand up here and make you believe that I haven't imagined this moment in my mind over the years and played it out about a thousand times. So here goes. It's pretty simple, really. I'm grateful. I'm very grateful for this. I'm grateful for an entire lifetime spent involved in this creative process that we do. I'm grateful that I was raised by an extraordinary man. My father Rance Howard, and my late mother Jean Howard. I also want to mention that before my mom passed away, about 18 months ago, she predicted that this was going to happen for me on this film. Well, she also made that prediction on every movie that I've directed since 1983. Now you know a little bit about my mom. Thank you, Mom.

Then there are the loves of my life. My incredible wife Cheryl. Yeah, she's something. Kids at home, Bryce, Jocelyn, Paige and Reed. Thank you for all the most important reasons. I've got a great friend and a partner, Brian Grazer. Brian thanks for helping me realize so many of my dreams in this business. Including getting to direct A BEAUTIFUL MIND, which Brian produced so passionately and Akiva Goldsman wrote so brilliantly. You know, everyone from the decision makers at Universal and DreamWorks through to the entire production team, thank you for the incredible effort. It made the difference. And of course I had a tremendous cast. This is an acting movie. And included Jennifer Connelly and Russell, Russell Crowe. This would not be happening tonight without your creative courage and your total commitment. It has been a great journey. And I thank you.

And finally, they're here somewhere, I don't know where, but thank you to John and Alicia Nash for sharing your important story with us. I'm very, very proud to know you and may you have many years of peace ahead of you. Academy, thank you so much.




 Russell Presenting Best Actress Award to Halle Berry

And the Oscar goes to Akiva Goldsman for A Beautiful Mind, the film's second win of the night.

"I'm terrified," he smiles, before sending heartfelt thanks to producer Brian Grazer, director Ron Howard and the film's inspiration, John and Alicia Nash.



And she's got more where that came from: "Our next presenters come from Down Under, which always makes me think fondly of Russell Crowe," says Whoopi.

And the Oscar goes to...Jennifer Connelly for her role opposite Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. The actress gets a whisper of congrats from Russ before stepping up to accept.

"Hello. Okay. I brought paper because I didn't want to forget. Thank you to the members of the Academy for this honor. By some beautiful twist of fate I've landed in this vocation that demands that I feel and helps me to learn. I know film has moved or taught me more than A BEAUTIFUL MIND. Thank you to all of our magnificent cast and crew for their invaluable collaboration and most especially to Ron Howard and to Russell Crowe. Thanks to all the artists who have inspired me and the list is too long. Thanks to my dearest ones. Risa Shapiro, Kelly Ross and my friends. I believe in love that there is nothing more important. Alicia Nash is a true champion of love. So thank you to her for her example. My son Kai is for me the greatest messenger. And so thank you to him for all of our days. Thank you very much"


Out-Takes from the show


(We all wish we were Whoopee now!)

Even Mikhail Gorbachev has an opinion: "I liked the Gladiator with Russell Crowe."


Arrivals on the Red Carpet 

Russell & Dani on the Red Carpet

Ron & Cheryl Howard Arriving

John & Alicia Nash arrive with Brian Glazer

At the Luncheon 

Russell Crowe said in a written statement, "I'd like to thank the Academy for recognizing a movie which to me represents a very special collaboration, and in particular I'm very pleased for Ron Howard."