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Welcome to "The Wonderful Mike Myers!"

Hello and welcome to this groovy webpage! This page is all about the wonderful Mike Myers! Yes that's right the star most well known from the Austin Powers and Wayne's World films, Saturday Night Live and much, much more! This site was made in conjunction with the Yahoo Group: TheWonderfulMikeMyers. Why not join and chat about Mike with us! Party On!

"Exsqueeze me? Baking powder" I hear you say. But calm down - don't get your knickers in a twist, this website will contain all the information you will need on Mike Myers! Including pictures, sound clips and links that are all included on the club! Yeah Baby!

So, "Party On" with me - Luce (vice moderator), Victoria (owner) and Jenn (moderator) when you join our Mike Myers club - packed to the brim with lovely friendly people who just wanna chat Mike! Excellent!



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Page last updated: 18/08/2002