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Please be forewarned: This is a slash page for dedicated
HoYay-er's such as myself. I am not implying that either Tom Welling
nor Michael Rosenbaum are homosexual. If this offends you
do not bring your ignorance here. Simply leave and enjoy
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Ok, here it is ladies:


...And after...

Whaddya think?

I copied this from a recent post I threaded on

Ok...A few things are apparent here:

The writers know about the HoYay. I knew that was going to happen. Why do you think they wrote Vickie's character with no feeling? Hell, I watched Angel since it started. Darla made a nasty villain, but I still LIKED her, because she was an enjoyed part of the story. Writers LOVE that subtle twist on things. As soon as they got wind of the Clark/Lex thing, however it was termed, they started to add those little subtleties because that gives it a new kind of intrigue. But they had to give Lex some kind of love interest, or it's unbelieveable. Notice how poorly written her character was? Do you honestly think that the writers and producers for this show, who have proven impressive thus far, would write and cast a character that badly by accident? I don't think so.

Case in point:
1. Lex is always putting himself in Clark's path, whether it be for help, friendly banter, a HIGH SCHOOL PARTY!?! Hello? You say it's because he's trying to figure him out. Of course that's what they want you to think. What, you think Lex is going to just come right out to Clark and say, "Well gee, Clark. I think you're swell. Maybe we should go out sometime." My little brother and sister watch this show. My mom would have a cow. So, they keep Lana and write in a Vickie for Lex. Most people would just look right over it. Which brings me to my next point...
2. Next to Lana, Vickie looks like a friggin theme park. Lana is SO boring. Not much to go on there. Plus, everytime Clark gets a little Lana time, her boyfriend Whitney screws it up by, well, just being there. Which is why I don't think the HoYay was apparent right at the beginning. Because from the beginning episode they want you to think Whitney is the jerk- hole quarter back. The bully. So Clark and Lana actually had half a reason to be perfect for eachother. Not anymore. Now he's Lana's loving boyfriend. He's a heartbeat away from tattooing her name on his butt. Next point...
3. Guess what? Now Lana and Chloe are friends! And since they just incorporated the idea that Chloe really DOES like Clark, Lana is going to back away. And since she has a boyfriend, she's not really losing anything. But NOW, even if Clark and Lana don't work out, she still gets to join the Scooby Squad on many happy adventures. She becomes a part of the story without being the love interest. And finally...
4. Lex's suspicions are now even more amiable, which means he's keeping a tight watch on Clark from NOW ON, thus the writers give us those coveted Clark/Lex scenes we asked for. Thank you writers!

We will see if I'm right on this. But I think the lines are pretty clear...