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Merritt Butrick

Robin Curtis and Merritt Butrick co-star in Paramount Pictures "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock" (1984)


Thankyou for visiting my website dedicated with love and respect to Merritt Butrick, a highly talented and versatile actor. Sadly, as Merritt is no longer with us, this website has taken a great deal of time and energy into creating as a lack of information has proved to be the most challenging aspect. This site is not an Offical Site, but hopefully will be recognized as the Definitive Site. It has not been endorsed by any family members, but certain information has been provided by a friend and colleague of Merritt's in order to clear up any misconceptions, and any contribution that is made, is made by fans in tribute to him.

To those that are visiting the site, I do make one request of you. It would be of enormous help if you could PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK so I can have a record of how many people have been interested in this site. I appreciate and thank you for your co-operation with this. Now enjoy...

UPDATE - June 2008....Hello people....Square Pegs, perhaps Merritt's most iconic role, aside from his work on Star Trek, is now available for the first time on DVD. Touchingly, his castmates have all contributed to a featurette remembering Merritt. Heavily edited and short, nevertheless, it's a fine tribute to an actor who received glowing tributes from the people he worked with for 1 season. Jami Gertz is the most detailed, recalling amusing anecdotes about Merritt brushing his teeth in the car and spitting out the window, or sleeping UNDER his trailer. Sarah Jessic Parker goes so far as to say that she loved doing scenes with him, as "he was so talented". Enjoy the DVD set - SQUARE PEGS, out now!!!!

I recently received some emails from a lady who knew Merritt on a personal level. Initially outraged by what she read as defamatory remarks about her friend on the internet, I had to clarify that this site was a homage to Merritt, that everything posted was information obtained from the net, and nothing listed was anything that I had created. By the third email, this extremely gracious lady had seen our goal of a worthy site to Merritt, and whilst she once again decided not to be a part of the site, she has provided some information which goes a long way to disproving inconsistencies in the information relevant to Merritt. To respect her wishes, certain information has been edited down and her identity will remain private to her and I, but should this lady re-visit the site and see this, a really big thankyou from me to you, and I hope you approve of that which is now listed!

"Thank you for understanding my reaction. Again, I have nothing against web sites etc. I was just shocked to read that maybe Merritt got AIDS through drug use. Merritt never used hard drugs nor ever shot up anything. He got AIDS like thousands of innocent young adults during the 80s since there was no real warning in the beginning. Having sex without protection."

"Above all, he was a son to his amazing parents who really lost out on a part of life that they will never get back. That was the hardest thing to watch. Parents losing their only child. I will never forget their grief."

"But life goes on and I know Merritt would be happy to see that his fans do still remember him with your web site."

"Believe me, Merritt was not someone you could forget!"


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