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Hi Again, This page is the FAMILY FACTS page, where you can see the biography and The Olsen Twins' family facts. BIOGRAPHY!!!: Fraternal twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen were born on Friday, June 13th, 1986 in Los Angeles (CALIFORNIA), America. They have an older brother, Trent and a younger sister, Elizabeth (Lizzie). They were born to proud parents: David (Dave), a mortgage banker, and Jarnette (Jarnie), a former ballet dancer. But in 1995 Dave divorced Jarnie and married Mackenzie and they now have two children: Jake and Taylor, which are Mary-Kate and Ashley's half brother and sister. Mary-Kate and Ashley now live with their mother, Jarnie in California and their father has them on weekends and other special occasions. In 1991 Mary-Kate and Ashley's father hired close friend, Robert Thorne to manage the twins, which was the best thing their father could do for them, which is also one of the main reasons the twins are still in Hollywood, AND THE RICHEST KIDS IN AMERICA!!! HOW THEY STARTED OFF: The girls were wide-eyed and cute which won them the start of their career as business women and talented actresses. Jarnie heard from her friend in a supermarket that there was an audition for twins in a new television series at that time entitled, "Full House." For children of such a young age, child labour laws prevented over a certain number of hours for a child to work. Therefore using twins would be a smart way to counteract this problem. Although Jarnie and David were reluctant to send in some photos of their girls to the sitcom executive producers, they went along with it and Mary-Kate and Ashley were so impressive and well-behaved that they landed the part of youngest daughter, Michelle Elizabeth Tanner instantly. In 1991, the twins made a movie - 'To Grandmother's House We Go', which topped the rank for children's movies and they embarked on a new career and recorded an album called 'Brother for Sale'. "We had to sing each word until it was perfect". "It was fun though because it was our first time ever singing anything and it wasn't really singing, it was kind of talking." comment Mary-Kate and Ashley. What happened next? The twins managed to land a manager, Robert Thorne who upped their salary and their careers. At just 6 years old, the girls became the youngest executive producers with their own production company (Dualstar Entertainment) in history. They also featured in two new direct to video series - 'The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley', where the twins would dress up as detectives and solve crimes and 'You're Invited To Mary-Kate and Ashley's PArties', where the twins would hold parties all around the world and be joined by their friends for a fun and musical time. More full length videos were also made. 'Double Double Toil and Trouble', and a western named 'How the West was Fun'. Unfortunately, the twins suffered both the cancellation of 'Full House', and their parent's divorce in the year of 1995, but it didn't mean they quit working. More musical albums were made, books to accompany the twins' video series and films were produced and the twins starred in their first feature film, 'It Takes Two', including Steve Guttenburg and Kirstie Alley. In 1998, the twins returned to series television in a sitcom called 'Two of a Kind', where Ashley was cast as a prissy girl and Mary-Kate a complete tomboy which was a large exaggeration of their personalities. Also in 1998, the twins starred in the movie 'Billboard Dad', which is their first movie involving boys. Ashley describes it as the "edgiest movie they had made at that point, and from then on, that's when they grew up more." The Adventure series had already drawn to an end at this point but in 1999, as 'Two of a Kind' was still running, the last of the Party videos - 'School Dance Party' was filmed. Unfortunately, 'Two of a Kind' ended later this year as well, as it failed to capture the audience. 'Full House', was cancelled after just one season. This did not mean Mary-Kate and Ashley's careers were over. In fact at this point, the girls got to one of the busiest times of their careers. A computer game and some PlayStation and Nintendo games were released, and in 2000, Mary-Kate and Ashley Fashion Dolls and Accessories appeared on the markets. The movies 'Passport to Paris', 'Switching Goals', and 'Our Lips are Sealed' were released and the twins sky rocketed. When 'Two of a Kind' first got running, numerous fans began to write in asking the girls where their clothes were from, when in fact Mary-Kate and Ashley's clothes were basically adult clothes cut down. Therefore, costume designer Judy Swartz encouraged for a fashion line to be released. In the year 2000 and 2001, this really got going and a deal was signed with Wal*Mart (USA and Canada - their brand is available at Target, Australia). The twins became entrepreneurs and designed and approved these products with their names as the brand name. Also at this time a teenage magazine was produced which is currently on hold. The films 'Winning London', and 'Holiday in the Sun', were released and just a few months back the twins' new film, 'Getting There' was released in the United States, also 'When In Rome' was relesed. To add to this, the twins have been starring in their own series, 'So Little Time', on the Fox Family Channel (USA), also on FOX KIDS (FOXTEL and AUSTAR, Australia). The films keep getting made, the books produced, there is talk of a pop album by the girls, more dolls and accessories appear on the markets as well as more games and clothing. And how do the girls fit it all in? They have a tight schedule, having to fit in school work in order to get to a good college and in mid 2002, the girls passed their driver's tests on their 16th birthday. They would like to move into the feature division of film, after years of direct to video movies and it's clear to see that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will become successful business women, whatever they choose to do. Coming up they are starring in the movie 'Charlie's Angels 2: Full Trottle' and much more. Cya :-)



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