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Welcome to my home on the cyber planet. My name is Lyn and i love the best things in life but learn to take things one step at a time. I am currently seeking my bachelors degree at the University of Maryland and hopefully will be getting my degree this spring 2005. I love shopping, partying, travelling and singing in the shower lol! YOU THINK YOU KNOW BUT YOU`VE GOT NO IDEA THIS IS THE DIARY OF FOXXY WHO DAT CHICK BE


I was born into a blessed family of three children. I have a older sister and younger brother who i greatly love and wish all the best in life and wonderful parents who are so so caring. I love my family because we cherish every little thing in life. We make the most boring days the most pleasant days and we can make you laugh at the least thing that you expect to be funny. That's why i love them


My goal in life is to be successful in whatsoever i put my hands on. To be with the one that will truly love me till death do us part and to raise two or three beautiful babies.


Well let's just say they come and go depending on the level you are in life. The true ones last and the fake ones "poof" vamooz into thin air. Who cares, i got my family and God on my side anytime. For those who sticks around thru thick and thin, i really appreciate you all LIKES

Good sleep, good food and well deserved money earned(face it you can't do without these things)


Jealousy and Cruelty.

Well enough of me for now, i will write a book if i keep going cos' i'm a hell of a woman to be figured out in one day.

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