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Receba A Página principal do Pereira de Lewy

Hello welcome to my main page. I am Luis, but everybody calls me cabu . I like of lewy. Alive in Toledo, Ohio that Myself am also of. Beautiful Horizon, Brazil. To my family has a house in Brazil. I go the Brazil each they see. I enjoy there alot and hope live there someday. It leaves me contaá-read about me. The native city: OR of Ohio of Toledo. S. A The girlfriend: no and motionless the only one I am a very impetuous romantic person. It turns in for me: personality, if a girl does not have a sense of humor, that what do we laugh converse about. Better advice: " Herself fazrão somewhat fazeê-read. Does not it do alone. The sign: Twin The B-DAY: May 29 1985 :5'5 Of height the weight: 160 the hair: Blond The eyes: green Where they are not been is that important thing. That it is who you are with I learned how nenhuma question what you do, is so much the most better one you can be shared you with a good friend. I am poet also. I enjoy poetry of writting. As I received a cold body: " I do hundreds of high of push and sits down-itself high My personal style: THE classical look My kind of girl: master everything about girls. I do not have only a kind. My well offensive attempt attract a girl: " wanted to invited him in a creative environment. Then I sent its a poem. I put indications in the poem and when she finally understands. He was there with a rose. I passed him to its and it asked in a date, she said yes, but the relationship did not last. Oh well that is life." life sucks to that you die" That of my favorite advice. Normally to first thing that yourself think about (or at least the first thing that I think about) when you here Brazil of word is soccer! The reason to this is Brazil was famous in probrolly of soccer since was created. An of the big one in Brazil (in soccer that is) is Skin (centered in the page with its mouth opens) era the biggest player of soccer that never lived. It began game with a ball of rag in the streets with his friends and grew to play for Brazil equip national. Its healthy many teams in Brazil but the national team is the "better" more than possible because all of the good persons of the small teams goes to the big team that pays more and is a lot more amused! Brazil also known while is THE Brasilia the congress of Brazil. Brasilia was created between 1956 & 1960 A.D. Kubitschek of Juscelino of president fez congress of Brazil of Brasilia en April of 21, 1960. Brasilia has practically polution of no air & has a big climate all long year. Never it is to hot neither to cold. Brasilia has many orders you will see although the new stations of satilitte prevented greenairy to the around of them. The building under create for Niemeyer of Oscar I eat outright part pilot of Brasilia called (outright Pilot). By the way Brasilia they nominated they can want to say outright Pilot. Brasilia has four others want say beyond the more than but since I mentionted that above of I thought that I him would count. Brazil is an of the biggest countries in Brazil. Now when digo bigger I want to say in the population & everything. Brazil is the leader in the world with soccer/ soccer and is there upper athletics

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