lilah morgan

first meeting: the ring
Lilah: How do you feel?
Angel: Like I was hit by lightning after the truck ran me over. I remember you.
Lilah: We didnít get a chance to meet. Iím Lilah Morgan.
Angel: Youíre a fight fan. And a lawyer. Let me guess, Wolfram and Hart.
Lilah: Iím an associate here. It took some arm-twisting, but I convinced the Macnamaras to sell your contract to the partners. I told them that keeping you around would be more trouble than it was worth. Congratulations. Youíre free.
Angel: As long as I pretend it never happened, that Macnamara and his circus donít exist. That is the deal, isnít it?
Lilah: Itís a big city, Angel. A lot of people need your help.