first meeting: untouched
Angel: Hey.
Bethany: What do you want?
Angel: You're bleeding.
Bethany: Just stay away from me.
Angel: I just want to ask you a few questions, that's all.
Bethany: You don't understand. I'm - I'm really uh, upset right now. I think it's best if you just…
Angel: You were in that alley, weren't you?
Bethany: No! - I mean - what alley? I'm going.
Angel moves to stop her.
Angel: Hold on a second.
A piece of re-bar flies into the air and impales Angel through his right shoulder.
Cordelia has a vision of Bethany in trouble and sends Angel to rescue her. But he discovers that Bethany can take care of herself when he finds that she killed her attackers by pinning them to a wall with an extremely heavy dumpster. Because Bethany was bleeding from her attack, Angel is able to track her quickly. She's scared and when he confronts her, she accidentally stabs him with a rebar, using only the power of her mind, which explains how she managed to kill the guys in the alley. Angel recognizes that she's new to town and offers his help. But Bethany is staying with Lilah Morgan. She does show up at the hotel after hurting Lilah accidentally.
Angel: You look nice. Did you get a hold of your friend? Is she okay?
Bethany: She says she's fine, worried about me. How do you explain... She'd just think I'm crazy.
Angel: Are you?
Bethany: What?
Angel: Well, if you are, you know, crazy, I just think that things will go smoother if I know up front.
Bethany: I probably am. I - I don't wanna - I don't wanna talk about me and share, or whatever. We-we can talk about stuff, but... I don't know. You're the expert, right?
Angel: I wouldn't exactly say that. I just - have some experience in dealing with the kind of power - that needs to be controlled.
Bethany: I don't want to control it. I want it gone
Angel keeps trying to help Bethany, but she is reluctant. She doesn't want to open herself up. But Wesley thinks he knows what's wrong and he taunts her to try to get her upset, so that they can determine the underlying trauma that is connected to her powers. They discover that he's correct when after mentioning her father, Bethany psychically throws Wesley and Angel. Angel manages to find her in one of the rundown rooms in the hotel.
Bethany: I'm really embarrassed... And that just makes me - all these horrible things have happened - been done to me, guys have died - and I'm freaking because I'm so embarrassed. People are pathetic.
Angel: I don't know. I like 'em. The time I've lived, I've seen some horrors, scary behavior, and a couple fashion trends I constantly pray to forget, but, I see people try. I see them try to be better.
Bethany: You sound like an old guy.
Angel: Well, you know, I'm very well preserved.
Bethany: I'd like that to see people the way you do.
They both go to bed and Angel has some fairly erotic dreams about Darla. He wakes up to find Bethany in his room.
Angel: Is there something, uh, something you want to talk about?
Bethany: No. I figured we'd have fun. You can do stuff to me and - you know - we'll have some fun.
Angel: That's not gonna happen Bethany.
Bethany: What, you think I'm some frightened little mouse? I've done stuff. I can make you happy.
Angel: You wouldn't like me when I'm happy.
Bethany: Come on. It doesn't mean anything.
Angel grabs her hand as she slides it under the covers.
Angel: I said stop it!
Bethany pulls away.
Bethany: Get off me!
Angel: You wanna make love, but you don't wanna be touched?
Bethany: Make love? What are you, from the eighteenth century? I was just... I just wanted...
Angel: What'd you want?
Bethany: Are you shocked I'm a great big slut?
Angel: You find that I'm not easily shocked, Bethany.
Bethany: Everyone thinks I'm so fragile and innocent. Men love it.
Angel: Do you?
Bethany: Do I love it? Who cares. I'm - I'm - like the chambermaid. I just leave. When a guy's on me, I... I made up the room, I showed him in - and I leave till he's gone. Come back and - clean up the mess.
Angel: And the men?
Bethany: What, you think they'd notice or care I'm not there? Would you?
Angel: I don't think everyone's as bad as you'd have them be.
Bethany: Oh, right. You love the people. Love them so much, you got a hundred rooms to be all alone in. I'm thinking maybe you're not exactly qualified to help me with my problem.
Angel: Maybe I'm the only one who is.