The title says it all. I will be adding more on as I get them, or understand them. LOL

Brill, deadly - cool

Knackered - tired, messed up

Banjaxed - broken, beyond repair

Crisps - potatoe chips

Chips - french fries

Aye - yes

Yas(pronounced yous) - you, you all

Skint(pronounced Schkint) - broke, no monies

Bangers - sausages

Rashers - pieces of bacon. (if you want bacon like American bacon, it's called streaky bacon)

Jumper - sweater

Slapper - whore

Craic - fun, good times

Slag - teasing, making fun of

Shagging - having sex

Telly - TV

Pissed or Pished - drunk

Taking The Piss or Taking The Mickey - some good natured teasing, fun

Thanks to Beth for some of the slang words.