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This page will have news about the Environment, what you can do to improve it and what Leo is doing as well.

Leo's Prius

This is Leo's Toyota Prius, a hybrid car which runs on electricity and gas. It causes less environmental damage to the air by reducing the level of emissions coming from the car. Also, owning a Prius is a great way to save money on gas! So buy one now!

Leo with a Swan

On February 6, 2003, Leo gave a speech at a press conference in the morning for a NRDC event about Global Warming that night at the Staples Center featuring the Rolling Stones.
Read the Speech Here.

Leo in a Tree

April 22nd, Tuesday, is Earth Day. If you haven't participated in an Earth Day event this weekend, please check out the official Earth Day site to see what you can do! A link to the site is provided on the Links Page.