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Moon And Back Graphics ~ Always & Forever



Our touch in life now magic
Your breath upon my face
Hearts are now in rhythm
Sharing love's embrace

And so our life beginning
With joy beyond compare
Every precious moment
Will always find you near

Take me now and hold me
Dance upon the breeze
Feel the world just turning
Moving with such ease

Vows have all been spoken
Hearts have been combined
This our tender moment
Our future now aligned

All our dreams together
From this day have come true
Scents of flowers linger
All because of you.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

All the sisters of Forever Me Lady
would like help celebrate
your very special day.
May your day be filled with
great love and joy for each other.
May you both be blessed
with many more wonderful
years together.









This page was made
with love by
Lady Debbie