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Kimberly J. Brown Heaven

Thanks for stopping by. I've made the site to promote one of my favourite actress, the incredibly beautiful, sweet, young lady, Kimberly J. Brown. I hope you have a good time looking around the page. Come back soon ! If anyone would like to chat with me about Miss Brown, my IM name is Vamprechaun. If I'm not on when you are, just leave me a note in my guestbook with a time when you'd like to talk, and I'll get back to you.

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days 'til the lovely Kimberly J. Brown's 22nd birthday !
Neither I, nor this site, is associated with Kimberly J. Brown or her management. And to my knowledge, Miss Brown has never visited this site. (But it would make my life if she did !)
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If you'd like to take any pictures from my site to use them on your own website, please drop me an email or a message in my guestbook first. It's only polite. I was on another female celebrity site,, and noticed that most of the Kimberly J. Brown pictures on their site were taken from me. I'm positive about this because one of the pictures was a personal scan I made from a picture that was in the tv listings that came in the newspaper on the Sunday before Halloweentown 2 premiered. So, if you want to use any pictures of mine in the future, please ask first.
Miss Brown was just on Guidling Light. Normally, as a straight male, I wouldn't watch something like that, but I love Miss Brown. She looked so beautiful. Kimberly has amazingly sexy legs ! You know, of course, that Miss Brown played the part of Marah Lewis from 1993-1998, when she quit to do the first Halloweentown movie. I didn't watch it back then, but what does it matter ? Kimberly is beautiful.
My email is Ignore what it says at the bottom of the page.

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