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The casting of the lead, Trish, probably took the longest, because I wasn't looking for a certain type. It may sound strange, but I've had this conversation with casting directors, and it has confused them. Despite the way the parts are written, I'll ignore that and try to find someone who just has that special something, that makes you respond to them and want to care about them. It's something that is very, very diffucult to get your hands on, but when you see it, you know it. And I felt Kimberly had it. - Joe Zito "Director of Friday the 13th-The Final Chapter"

"I think Kimberly took care of him (Corey Feldman). She had done "Peyton Place". and Mia Farrow had taken Kimberly under her wing, so I think Kimberly had the sense to do that with Corey. She was good that way." - Peter Barton - Actor "Doug" in Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter.

The first day of work was on Halloween. I'd seen Kimberly Beck, the star of the movie when I was on "Shirley" and she was on "Buck Rogers" and it was instant infatutation. I was instantly in love, but she was married at the time to a Hilton, of Hilton hotels. They said, "Forget it, she's married". I ended up living with her in 1987. It's weird. Needless to say, I have patience. That's my strongest point. I can wait forever. Peter Barton - Actor - Friday The 13th - The Final Chapter