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"I'm looking forward to finding someone in life that I can be truly happy with. Hope is the most exciting thing there is in life, and if you honestly believe that love is out there, it will come."

"If it ever gets to a point where I can't walk down the street in peace that'll be a drag, because I like to see the world the way it is and not from the balcony of a hotel."

"It's hard for me to work closely with a girl and not completely fall in love with her as a person."

"I always wanted to get out in the world and see what was there."

"What defines me is wonderlust."

"My most prized possession...I don't know. I'm not into things, man...I got a hat and a guitar. Jeez, I sound all bohemian and cheesy."

"I don't think there's any problem with being a teen idol if you can handle it, if that's what comes. It's such an insane business. There's this standard you have to be in order to be a teen idol. I dunno if I could handle that."

"I've never had a plan in my life."

"There seems to be a kind of Noxzema feel about my group of actors. Responsibility and cleanliness are in. It doesn't mean there isn't any debauchery in Hollywood anymore; that's always going to be here. Not that anybody's been pushing me into rock 'n' roll lifestyle- it's just not chic anymore. Moderation is a pretty big word among the people I know. There's practically around at the moment; it's pretty unexciting, actually. But I've been lucky enough to play a couple of dirty characters onscreen and that's good because you don't want everything to become sterile. You don't want to lose the messiness of life."

"I look at my dad [a building owner-manager] as an example of a good life. He doesn't work too much, so he's able to put his family first."

"I think I'm a genuinely mixed-up person. I'm aware of being goofed-up and just happy to be going through it. I'm a guy who likes to explore. I'm just looking for the next adventure."

"Making people laugh is not easy. You've got to really work at it. Some people just have it."

"I love to reach out and slot myself into the Hollywood system and do my own thing, but I don't ever want to be a fully fledged member-someone who is in a stable environment. I don't want to be a pillar. I wanna be the guy on the outside hitting it with a hammer."

"I was so naive. I thought I'd go to Hollywood, make a million bucks, then move to Paris and paint. Then I realized it's not that easy to do things the way you want to in Hollywood- or even to do them at all."

"I don't particularly like fame, to tell you the truth. Being able to live your life in any way you feel fit is something that very few people understand unless they lose it. And you can't lose that. Like on the internet I believe it says I'm an alcoholic. It's ridiculous. I'm 21. You don't want your grandmother reading that. Thank god my grandmother doesn't have a computer!"

"I'm not the head of the NRA or anything like that, so people pretty much leave me alone. That's where celebrity gets sticky, I think: when people start to define you as one thing or another—as something they dislike or something that they really like. I think I'm at the beginning stages of it."

"What I love about [acting] is really getting into another's person's life, figuring out their personality and just creating a full human being."

"I speak my mind sometimes at inappropriate times, and I get kicked around an awful lot for that. But I don't mean to be intrusive. I just kind of feel that sometimes things need to be said, and if they don't get said, I kind of tend to burst."

"I was up for The Postman, and I read for it a couple times, but the casting lady told me I was too tall for the part -- taller than Kevin Costner."

"It's not scary to make a horror film because you get to pull back the curtain and see that none of it's real. When you're watching one, the terror bombards you."

"A lot of my friends thought actors were people who emoted way too much offstage, wore way too much patchouli, made strange, obtrusive comments in class and always had to be in the spotlight. I wanted to show people that you can do theater without having to be a complete idiot."

"Fame can just snatch you up. Suddenly, it's beyond your control. Feelings of jealousy, of envy, can separate your friends from you. You, in turn, can get nasty, get scared of your friends - scared that they're out to take something from you. You can lose sight that your friends have been your friends for a long time and they don't want anything from you except your friendship."

"We [his parents] had a few disagreements about it at first because when I decided to give up on high school. It's always hard for me to understand that someone might have a problem with what I'm doing. I guess I'm kind of a self-involved person, but I don't think there are many actors who aren't."

"My friends will always tell me if I'm being different and, every once in a while, they'll bring me back down to earth. I've had the same friends for a long time. I think that says a lot about me, but it also says a lot about them. To be honest, it's a lot harder for them."

"I'm going to go for a ride until it lets me off."

"I thought it was going to be this big picturesque Hollywood scene. I thought it was a bunch of guys in slouch carrying big planks, building sets, and singing, 'Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go.' I thought it was all going to be a community. I thought all the studios were right next to each other."

"Women are a mystery. I've never been able to figure one out. But it's a lot more fun to go to work with a beautiful, intelligent, exciting woman than it is to go to work with a bunch of middle-aged men. No offense to the middle-aged men of the world."

"That's the thing about real movie stars that I'll never have. When real movie stars walk into a room, it's all about them. They know it and everybody else knows it. I like to fly under the radar. I try, anyway."

"I find it odd how much attention has been paid to my personal life. I hardly ever read what's written about me, so I'm the last one to know what's being said, but if I even so much as say hello to an actress I barely know, later I'll hear that it was printed in a paper that we're an item."

"I'm looking forward to the excitement that comes with sharing your life with one person, instead of throwing it all out to the wind or keeping it all to yourself. But I couldn't handle it at this point, I'm too immature."