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~*Josh Poem Project*~

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Do you want to show Josh that you ARE his most biggest and best fan? I know i do! Do you have posters all over your walls of Josh, and have all his movies?

If so, you will want to be part of ~*Hottie Josh Hartnett's*~ Josh Poem Project. What it is all about is that you write a poem for Josh, about him, e.g; why he is so special yo you. Please make the poem no more than 800 words long! The first 30-35 poems that i recieve will go into a specially made booklet, and will be sent to Josh! Note, that if i recieve more than 35 poems i may consider adding a few more!

You can email me below using the simple form! Tell me your name, age and where you are from then write the poem in the biggest box! Please do not use unapropriate language. :) Get writing!

What is your name?:

How old are you?:

Where are you from?:

Your poem: