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Apeil 18th 2003 > > > Josh and Harrison Ford might have to start shooting certain parts of 'Hollywood Homicide' again because fans who watched previews of the movie weren't sure weather the film was supposed to be a comedy or a police drama?! You can now view the trailer for the movie by clicking 'here'.

April 12th 2003 > > > Josh is in the April Issues of J14 mag and MMM Mag. He's also in the new Teen People mag and according to them the title of Wicker Park is now 'Obsessed' Thanks to Joan for that info.

March 27th > > > A special edition of Black Hawk Down will be released on June 3rd. (New pikies from HH in the new pikies section of the site!)

March 15th > > > March 14th 2003 (courtosy of

Entertainmient Weekly spoke to Josh about why he turned down the role in Superman. Heres what he had to say: "The decision was a struggle. But I just never really wanted to play Superman,'' explains Hartnett. ''It's probably the biggest [-budgeted movie] ever'' -- and because it was planned as a trilogy -- ''it was three films [over] 10 years or something like that. It was a bigger commitment than I was willing to make.'' Says Matthew Lillard, who is currently shooting a romantic thriller for MGM in which he costars with Hartnett: ''[The 'Superman' producers] grinded on him for frickin' three weeks when we were shooting this.

FEBRUARY 27TH 2003 > > > From JH.CC > > >

It's back to the drawing board for Warner Bros. Pictures in its casting of "Superman." Josh Hartnett, who tested for the project, has elected not to portray the Man of Steel, so a new trio of actors has emerged as top choices: Brendan Fraser, Paul Walker and newcomer Matthew Bomer, whose only credits include the daytime dramas "Guiding Light" and "All My Children." Warners is trying to make test deals for the actors, with hopes of putting them in front of the camera sometime next week. (Zorianna Kit)

FEBRUARY 23RD 2003 > > > It is yet unknown weather Josh will play Superman or not.

FEBRUARY 2ND 2003 > > > Josh was on a plane taking a flight but he wasn't sitted in 'first class'. A flight attendent asked him weather he wanted to swap seats with a man sitting in first class, in return the man wanted a few autographs for his daughters. Josh gave the man some autographs but didnt switch seats.

JANUARY 15TH 2003 > > >

DreamWorks Pictures has picked up "Wish You Were Here," an action thriller starring Josh Hartnett (news). The film tells the story of four friends who make an ill-fated attempt to smuggle their college chum's royal fortune out of Morocco after his family is assassinated in a palace coup. The project is out to directors, with Hartnett's attachement conditional on approval of a helmer. Hartnett, who last appeared in "Black Hawk Down," next appears opposite Harrisson Ford in Ron Shelton's "Hollywood Homicide," which is due out this summer.