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This page is where Josh fans are displayed. You can get in contact with other Josh fans right here! It's like a penpal page.

If you would like to be added to the 'Fan page' then email me ( with:

1/Your name

2/Your age

3/The country/state you're from

4/Your interests

5/WHY you are Josh's fan

6/A pikie of yourself if you have one

You can do this by emailing me on the 'email me' page or by doing it your own way :) Get interactive, and chat about Josh!

*Please be sure though about wanting to display your email on the web*

Name----> Kelly

Age----> 15

Country----> U.K


Interests---->Trampolining, hanging with my mates and just chillin'!

Why i adore Josh----> Because he is a great actor and he is as fit as f***!

Name----> Karen


Interests----> None except looking at Josh pikies.

Why i adore Josh----> Isn't it obvious....hes so hot

Name----> Mary


Interests----> Collecting Josh Hartnett, Eminem and Winnee the Pooh stuff. Also just cgilling at home

Why i adore Josh----> God do i have to tell you!

Name----> Elyse Sachs-Berneis


Interests---->I like to snowboard and stuff but I really like to hang out with GUYS!! I love to FLIRT

Why i adore Josh---->I love Josh because he is so HOT! and I know that if he were my boyfriend he would be a sweetheart!

Name----> Eve

Age----> 15


Country----> U.K

Interests----> Reading, Football and Will Young!

Why i adore Josh----> Because he's so lovely!

Name----> Christina


Country----> U.S.A / NC

Interests----> I love watching movies, surf the internet about my favorite celeb, and I love playingsports!

Why i adore Josh----> I love Josh because he's so down-to-earth, I love all his movies especially Pearl Harbor and The Virgin Suicides, he's so talented, and this is an obvious one: Josh is really hot!

Name----> Tammy

Age----> 15


Country----> U.S.A / FL

Interests---->Band and Track.

Why i adore Josh----> He is so damn hott!