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Full name: Joshua Daniel Hartnett

Date of Birth: 21st July 1978

Place of Birth: St Paul, Minnesoeta

Place where he was brought up: St Paul, Minnesota

Sister: Jessica-younger

Brothers: Joe and Jack-younger

School's Josh has attended: Navity of Our Lords School, Cretin Derham, South High School

Graduated: 1996

Others: SUNY New York

Interests, except acting: football, hockey, basketball and visual arts

Music: Jazz and blues

Other info: Went to school with Rachel Liegh Cook

During high school, Josh participated in the school football team and taking up odd jobs to pay for his gas. An accident in football, to his knee forced him to quit the game. He didnt know what to do, so he took advice from his grandma to join the theatre.

After he had graduated at high school, he went to college and SUNY New York. After that he took up a role in Cracker-the telivision series, but it wasnt much of a success. Josh began to do commercials and in 1998 he took the Job of doing a role in "Halloween H20", along with Michelle Williams, who starred in "Dawsons Creek". Josh had audituioned for the series 6 times, but never was given a role.

After that he starred in "The Faculty", and "The Virgin Suicides". Josh made a huge success when he starred as Dnny Walker in "Pearl Harbour". Which broke box office records all over the world.

Josh will hopefully appear in many more films for the pleasure of all the teenage girls like you and me!