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This site is not only to promote the singer Jordan Knight, it is also for having fun! Please do not take any pictures without my permission! Thank you! Have fun! Oh don`t forget to sign the guestbook, I would like to know what you think of the site! Thanks! GUESTBOOK


December 09,01: Finally some good news! will soon be back, there already is a messageboard and you can sign up for Jordan news! I have heard he has changed his record label and this may cause a delay for his album again! Let`s wait and see!

October 27,01:Miguel posted on the Flyte Tyme Messageboard, here is what he said:
Hello Everyone...I was told that I had to come to the Flyte Tyme site to see the fans re-grouping for JK. Big Thanks to Mr. Jimmy Jam for keeping everyone informed. We'll have to beg him to be the update person for the new JK site :) FYI- We had to settle some issues with the folks who were handling the old site. It's all done so the same people who put together this site for Jimmy & Terry will be developing the new JK site. The single will be out January. As Jam said in his 10/26 post it's called "On The Inside" and produced by these guys called JAM & LEWIS :):) Thanks Melissa for routing fans here..

October 23,01:Boston Herald:
Finally, ex-New Kid Jordan Knight popped into the St. Theresa's girls CYO softball pizza banquet the other night to sign autographs and pose for pictures with the West Roxbury jockettes. Well, that was a score!

October 16,01:Updated the News section!

October 10,01:Some news from Jimmy Jam about Jordan`s album under the News section!

September 24,01:I created a Jordan chatroom and I hope to see all there so we can talk! Go down for the link!

September 06:I updated the News section! Check it out!

August 18: There are some news about Jordan`s album under the NEWS section.

August 12: I updated the Listen section! Since MTV recreated their site, most of the links didn`t work anymore! But now you will find there the parts of Joe`s interview with KIIS, where Jordan called in and also some parts from jordan`s own KIIS interview!

August 6:Jordan did a little chat for MTV, you will find it under the news section!

August 5:I updated the picture section! You will find more nice Jordan pix from 1999!

August 4:There are 4 other great Jordan pictures from the MTV party under the news section! Thanks to Sylvia for sending them to me!

August 3:Here is another picture of Jordan in Las Vegas!

If you have any pictures, articles, waves to share, please email me!

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