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Janay and Tony

My Favorite things aboutTony.

<\HTML> C:\Documents and Settings\Wardell\Desktop\tony.JPG<\HTML> This paper was originally for my Future husband Tony Emanuel Jr. But god put these words in my hands to display not only his word and his truth but also his glory. In my former church champions Covenant, every summer we went to a church camp in Columbus, TX in which my older brother currently attends school. We had spectacular church service, and the last night of worshiping the lord said on that night to wish for what I wanted. I then thought of all the thing I wanted. Drivers license, car, more money, more popularity. But those things at that point were worthless. But I wanted something that would last forever. I wanted love. I had love from my mother and family, but I wanted love from somebody who didn’t have to love me, but still had no choice because they were so infatuated in everything about me. I asked for the lord to show him to me within a year, preferably before the summer was over.--> Before the summer was over I then met this character named John, in all honesty he was a real “donkey” for a better use of words. As I look back I realize that he was a very conceded person who thought the world of himself. He was okay but then he started bring up the issue of marriage, but for our “relationship “ to advance we had to start making some serious changes, he said I had to be willing to die for him and even go to hell for him. I ponder now, what the hell was I thinking when I staying on the phone with this ______.