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Thanks For Visiting! I've set this site up basically because i need help. My name is Vikki and i'm in a bit of trouble. As a student, paying for my course and equiptment, ive run into some debt. Basically, i've lived alone since the age of 16, and the only job i was able to get was as a junior hairdresser. Living off ninety pounds a week with a 300pounds a month rent plus bills and food and council tax outgoings was very difficult, so after speaking to a student adviser at my local college, i was told if i went full time i would get some help to pay my bills etc. so i quit my job, and started college full time. After completing all my forms imagine my disappointment to see each month all i was entitled to was 280pounds! Considering i pay 6pounds per day for my hour journey to college 5days a week, it doesnt add up to much! I now have college 5 days per week, work 4 nights a week, and both saturday and sunday from 9am until 8pm. my wages total up to around 400 per month, but still i struggle to pay off my student overdraft and debt owed. my balance I owe is around 1000 pounds, not alot but each month it mounts up! I work as often as i possibly can, and im exhausted enough as it is, not to mention i have no time for anything, coursework, a LIFE! So ive figured, if 1000 people can spare 1 single pound, i will soon be free of debt, and able to stop worrying, being stressed, and get back to doing things with my friends! Please Please Please contribute to help me. I know it's cheeky and i have a major nerve, but i would never stoop this low if i wasnt severly desperate! Thanks for reading, Take care x To donate, click DONATE TO ME and doante via paypal - my paypal username is however is u can donate in any other way, email me on as this is my email adress i actually use!

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