- A Tribute by a Die Hard Fan

      Trusted Like The Fox / Ruthless

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As part of the Nazi war propaganda machine, Cushman was on the run from the Allied forces........so he changed his identity to David Ellis - by slitting the real Ellis' throat. Now in London, Ellis was unprepared for the accident, which would render him helpless and at the mercy of a kind hearted girl, Grace, who was unfortunately deaf. With the police after them, Grace and Ellis, two outcasts of society,  have no alternative but to take refuge in rich playboy, Crane's house. But Crane has his own problems and soon begins a cat-and-mouse game with the duo. Aware of Grace's sexual weakness and Ellis' past, he seduces Grace, under the very nose of Ellis, who is crippled and helpless. But perhaps Ellis is a shade better than Crane......Ellis kills for survival and loves Grace, whereas Crane kills for sport and is merely playing with Grace.......

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