- A Tribute by a Die Hard Fan

There's Always A Price Tag

     Glyn Nash, while slumming in a Hollywood bar, saves big shot movie producer, Erle Dester from being nailed by a fast speeding car. One thing leads to another and Glyn finds himself invited to Dester's opulent house, with a job offer of driving Dester's Rolls Royce and generally taking care of him. Naturally, Nash is not interested, till he he meets Dester's sultry wife, Helen. The fact is that Dester is washed up in the movie business and is a lush, but he is insured for millions against accidental death. The situation is ripe for a conspiracy, since Helen has been involved in an insurance fraud before. However, Dester commits suicide, and it is upto Helen and Nash to make it look as if it were a kidnapping and murder. This, they try to achieve, by shoving Dester's body in a deepfreeze, till  the right time comes along. However, Nash had not bargained for Helen dying accidentally and the police suspecting Nash, not only for the murder for Helen, but also of Dester.....

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