- A Tribute by a Die Hard Fan

Like A Hole In The Head

     Jay Benson, ex-US army sniper, sets up a School of Shooting, outside Paradise City,  with his life's savings, but the going isn't too good. He can barely scrape through, with the whole-hearted support of his wife - sometimes they even have to forgo regular meals.  So when the sinister Augusto Savanto turns up with an offer of fifty thousand dollars, if Jay turned his timid, gun-shy son, Timoteo,  into an expert shot - in just nine days, Jay grabs at the offer. Then he discovers the horrific reason why Savanto wants his son to be a marksman. If Timoteo cannot succeed, Jay has to substitute for Timoteo and murder someone.. And  there is no backing out now. For Augusto is holding Jay's beautiful wife, Lucy, as hostage for his cooperation. But does Lucy really want to come back to Jay??

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