- A Tribute by a Die Hard Fan

You've Got It Coming

      Harry Griffin, an ace pilot,  is kicked off from his job and is unable to find any other means of livelihood. In desperation, he cooks up a plan to highjack a plane carrying industrial diamonds. Harry's lover, Glorie, has an ex-boyfriend, Delaney, who is a racketeer. Delaney finances the caper, but Harry double crosses Delaney, and tries to handle the deal himself. Ultimately, Harry has to handover the diamonds to the rightful owners without earning a single penny, but by now, he has Delaney's thugs after him. He comes across gorgeous Joan Graynor, who offers him a partnership in an air-taxi business. To make a fresh start, Harry decides that Glorie must go.....  However, Glorie is murdered by Delaney's thugs and Harry is framed for the murder. Joan walks off in a huff, and now, Harry, all alone, penniless and friendless,  must depend upon his wits for the last showdown with Delaney's thug, Borg, at the very same place where Glorie was murdered and buried in the sand....

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