- A Tribute by a Die Hard Fan

Goldfish Have No Hiding Place

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        Steve Manson's magazine in Eastlake, The Voice of The People,  deals in corruption; it attacks the rich, the powerful and the famous - and he makes enemies accordingly. To be able to attack the rich and famous, he has to remain spotlessly clean himself, and he expects his wife, Linda, to follow suit. In fact, it is like living in a goldfish bowl, where everyone can look at him and wait for for him to make a fatal slip. But he is approached by a blackmailer one day, who claims to have recorded  Linda shoplifting on CC camera. Steve is prepared to pay blackmail, but it seems that the blackmailer has shots of other famous people doing some rather unsavory things in camera.  Before Steve can bargain, the blackmailer is shot dead... Surprisingly the police cooperate with Steve and he is not booked. But it seems other rich and ruthless residents of Eastlake area are after the reel of the dead blackmailer, which contains the real stuff, not petty shoplifting...

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