- A Tribute by a Die Hard Fan

      I'll Get You For This

     Chester Cain is a professional gambler, who is also a quick draw. After earning twenty grand and killing 5 men in self defense, he lands up at Paradise Palms to enjoy a well-earned vacation. He is surprised by the hospitality shown by the town folk, from the Casino boss to the City Administrator. He meets up with a beauty, Claire Wonderly, and is about to enjoy his vacation, when he is accused of murdering the local political leader, Herrick. On the run with Claire, he learns that he has been made the fall guy, because of his reputation  and just about the entire city administration was involved in the scam, which included smuggling, printing counterfeit notes and smuggling of Cubans. 

     Not to take things lying down, the daredevil Cain, manages to wrap up things with the help of the local FBI and some honest citizens. He even manages to leave Paradise Palms alive, after marrying Claire and vowing to give up gambling and gun-toting. But fate has some terrible things in store for him.....

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