- A Tribute by a Die Hard Fan

             No Business Of Mine

     Steve Harmas, Foreign Correspondent for the New York Clarion, comes across Netta Scott, a bar girl, in war-time London and the two get along just fine.   Several months later, Harmas returns to London and decides to look her up, old times' sake. On reaching her flat, he learns that Netta is dead - apparently committed suicide. Steve is sure that Netta is not the suicide type - a search of her flat reveals several interesting clues. He learns that Netta had a sister, Anne, living in the suburbs of London. Unable to handle the case himself, Steve requests Inspector Corridan of Scotland Yard, to look in the case. Only by this time, Harmas learns that Anne too is dead - apparently a suicide again. And Netta's body has disappeared from the morgue. On top of it all, someone is taking a very unhealthy interest in Harmas' investigations...... Is Netta really dead? If she is alive, where is she? And why is she in hiding? How is Corridan always one step ahead of Harmas in the investigations? And who has killed  private eye, Henry Littlejohns, whom Harmas had hired to look in the nitty-gritty of Netta's apparent suicide? 

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