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*FuTuRe StAr*

My FaVoRiTe ThInGs

Note: Hey people! Sup? This here is my new page and all. Yea, I never used angelfire before so bare with me people! When I figure out how to use this, this page will rock!Oh by the way.Look at the top right corner and you should see my cat.Hehe.Click on him and he will follow you! *Celeste* Tabitha~Gurlie, you know we gonna be famous one day!Sure, no-one belives us now but when they see our faces, they will be like "WOW they were right and well we were wrong"LoL.How funny that will be.LyLaS!!! Jenn~Why is it we are always the two who are left alone.LoL.Oh well we're special like that.LyLaS!!! Arianna~Gurl, you my best friend in the whole world!Nothing will ever change that.Not even a stupid fight over a guy,which that shouldn't happen, 'cause you know who I like and like everyone knows who you like, and they are 2 totally different people.Well G/L/W Nathan Payne! Kim~See gurl,I told you, you would be on here!Hehe.good luck in show chior and all!

*My FaVoRiTe SiTeS*

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