Bet everyone knows this... I just put it here for fun, with my own comments, of course. hehe Enjoy!


You Know You're Obsessed With BSB When.......


1. You don't know what color your walls are, because of all the posters. (true that!)

2. You know all their times of birth and what they weighed when they were born. (Gosh, I don't... I might know Brian's only...:o)

3. You know where all their tattoos are, and when they got them. (I know where they are, I ain't blind! But don't remember dates to say the truth...)

4. You name your pets and stuffed animals after them. (lol)

5. You know where all their scars are and how they got them. (Brian's yes!)

6. You know their pant size. (I wish! Hm... wait. Did I wish? Useless info, I like them better without pants. hehe)

7. You embroider your clothes with BSB insignia. (I've already wanted, but didn't.)

8. People refer to your room as "The Backstreet Shrine". (used to)

9. When you say "Guess what?" to your parents, they say, "If it has anything to do with the BSB I don't care." (no, but my friends used to do that. They will still roll their eyes if I say sth to do with BSB)

10. You refuse to listen to anything other than the BSB or something related like Aaron Carter* (nah, I got a musical taste)

11. You've written your name "Mrs. (your name) (your fave bsb's last name)" so many times, you don't know your real last name. (LMAO! oh, yeah!)

12. You carry pics of them in your wallet or purse. ( *nodding*)

13.You don't date other guys cause you feel like you're cheating on the BSB. (lol... I used to be like that. Gosh, can't believe I was so stupid... hehe)

14. If you can't afford to buy a poster, you make one. (not rich, but I usually can affor. *g*)

15. You pretend the BSB live at your house, but they're always away on tour or recording. (Oh, and who doesn't?!)

16. You say goodnight to your posters and kiss them goodnight before bed. (sometimes... I also curse at them when I'm mad. hehe)

17. You're afraid to act stupid in your room cause you're afraid that your posters are watching you. (no... but I've done something similar... does stripping in front of the posters and pretend they're watching count? *puppy eyes*)

18. You know so much stupid trivia about them, you know them better than they know themselves. (hm... maybe. *g*)

19. You quote them without meaning to. (*sigh* yep, sometimes I can't help)

20. You get mad when one of them doesn't get a solo, because they should all have a solo in EVERY song!!! (not actually, as long as Brian sings I don't care about the others. LOL)

21. You get furious when you hear a new rumor about them, even if you don't believe it. (No! I luv rumors. hehe)

22. You cried whe Brian and Leighanne got married, even if you weren't in love with him. (Yep. I cried. Rivers. Not from happiness. Ya know.)

23. You know what kind AND brand of underwear each one wears. (nope... but I know they have a Backstreet Boys' one... again, I prefer them without those! *naughty thoughts*)

24. You smack anyone who disses them even if they can kick your butt. (no, I used to love people dissing on them, coz at least they would be talking about them, and I loved to hear about them. Makes sense?)

25. You KNOW they're talking about you in their songs. (Obvious!)

26. When someone disses them, you start calling them B-Rok, D, Frack, Bone, etc. just to get them mad. (nah, I'm not that young. Or silly. Or whatever.)

27. Every time the phone rings, you know it's the BSB calling. (WTF?!)

28. The day you get their new album, you can't wait to get their next one. (yep! *sigh*)

29. You don't kno whether to be sad or happy when one of them breaks up with a girlfriend. (depends... as long as its not Brian they can all live happily ever after. (...)  Did I just say that? Damn, I'm a bitch.)

30. You cried when A.J. wen't to rehab. (no, sorry, I'm not that soft at heart. I'm a bitch. hehe !!! Wait, I think I cried when Nick cried in TRL... not sure though.)

31. You all of their measurements (height, weight, hat size, etc.) (Brian's yes. Or at least used to.)

32. You have so many pics, you don't know which one's you have and which one's you don't. (yeah! I save the same pic twice, three, four times!)

33. You NEVER thought Brian was too religous. (I did... I actually thought he would marry virgin before I found out his wife was a whore and that it probably didn't matter. Whoa... can you feel the hurting?)

34. You NEVER thought Kevin was slow. (I luv Kevy, its funny when he's slow!)

35. You NEVER thought Nick was fat, or gay, or stupid!!!!!!!! (L*O*L  noooooo I never thought Nick was gay. *wink wink*)

36. You NEVER thought Howie was a troll or had a winking problem. (COURSE YES! I still do actually. lol C'mon girl, where's your sense of humor?!)

37. You NEVER thought A.J. was bald or too tattooed. (maybe too tattooed.)

38. You don't want to be happy for Brian and Leighanne but you are. (LOL! You SO don't know me. Believe me, I'm NOT happy. *huggs Leighanne with a knife on hand*)

39. You don't want to be happy for Kevin and Kristen but you are. (Bless these two!)

40. You don't want to be happy for A.J. and Sarah but you are. (whatever, bless them too.)

41, If you start likeing another guy, you pull out a BSB picture, and then you're okay. (*sigh* I wish I could like, love other guys...)

42. You have a scrapbook of them from when they first started out to now. (yep!)

43. If your favorite BSB doesn't like girls with your hair color you change it. (actually I did the opposite. I'm brown haired, Brian likes blondes, I died my hair black. He'll have to love me the way I am. Stop laughing!!! I mean it. I do. STOP!)

44. You've "married" your fave BSB on one of those online marrige things. (*blushes* No comments.)

45. You go search online for BSB stuff, and you go to EVERY fan site. (when i'm bored...)

46. You make yourself have scars in the same places they have them, doing the same things they did to get them. (WTF?! How can i fake a heart problem? *shivers*)

47. When the BSB are on T.V., you run around the house screaming for everyone to come watch. (usually I just devour the screen and cry, and kill everyone that interrupts me.)

48. You have your VCR ready to record whenever they might come on T.V. (yes! hehe)

49. Even your friends who don't like BSB know at least one of their songs. ( yep!)

50. You've gone through this list and nodded your head to each one! (not quite, dear... not quite... *grin*)


     Hey people... If anyone liked it I'm thinking of keep it going... if you want to copy this list and make your own comments, go ahead! I'll post it here!  :o) 


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