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Blood Ties

Disclaimer: This never happened; it is total fiction.

Authors Note: The beginning takes place in 1987.

Blood Ties

As the sun set over Friar Park it cast hues of pink and purple across the sky. George Harrison sat on a stone bench deep within his elaborate garden staring up at the sky. He watched the colors change and darken as the sun lower behind the trees.

He could sit in his garden for hours if no one bothered him and that’s just what had happened on this day. He’d gone outside in the early afternoon and now here it was at sunset and he was still there.

George was suddenly startled as a hand came down upon his shoulder. He turned quickly to find his nine year old son Dhani behind him.

“Dhani, you startled me.” He said putting a hand to his chest.

Dhani smiled “Sorry dad.” He walked around the bench and sat down next to his father. George was extremely proud of his son. For years he’d had no children but had desperately wanted one. Now a days he barely went anywhere without Dhani and Olivia, his wife of nine years.

George turned to Dhani “Did your mum send you out here?”

Dhani nodded “Mum told me to find you.”

He chuckled “Go tell her I’ll be in soon.” He ruffled the younger Harrison’s hair.

“Ok.” Dhani jumped off the bench and ran back in the direction of the house.

George sighed, he wished he could stay outside longer but it was getting dark and he was starting to get hungry. As he stood up he heard a branch break behind him.

“Dhani I told you…” he began as he turned around. He stopped mid-sentence as a man stepped out of a thick patch of bushes. Even in the impending darkness George still recognized the man.

The man smiled and removed a pair of dark sunglasses “Cute kid.”

George stared at the man. He stared into the eyes he hadn’t seen in years. “What…” he tried to speak as the man advanced slowly towards him.

“What’s the matter George?” He asked when he was only inches away, “Not happy to see your old friend?”

Thousands of questions swam in his head. He didn’t know which one to ask first. Before he had a chance to decide on a question the familiar face changed. His eyes became yellow and feral, the bones in his forehead seemed to change shape and became rigid, lastly his teeth elongated.

George didn’t move. He couldn’t move as the teeth grazed his throat.


George’s eyes snapped open. He sat up quickly, the sheets sticking to his damp skin. If his heart still beat it would have been pounding against his ribs, sending blood rapidly through his veins.

Heavy drapes across the windows cast the room into complete darkness. But George didn’t need the light to see.

“Another nightmare?” Came a voice from somewhere in the room.

He snapped his head to the left, his eyes landed on the glowing tip of a cigarette. Even without his keen eyesight he would have known who it was. “Bloody hell.” He murmured running a hand over his face, “What are you doing in here?”

George watched as the man moved away from the wall to his left and walked around to the foot of the bed “Couldn’t sleep.” The voice belonged to John Lennon.

“And what do you want me to do about that?” George asked running a hand through his dark brown hair. He laid back down as John continued to walk around the bed.

John placed his hands on the side of the bed and leaned over George “Well it seems as though you can’t sleep either.” He leaned closer till their faces were inches a part “Lets go out.”

The smell of cigarette smoke invaded George’s nostrils “Are you mad?” He glanced at the heavily draped windows then back at John “The sun will be up in a few hours.”

“Not for another four hours. We’ll just go out for a quick bite.” He grinned.

He knew the only way to get John to leave him alone was to agree to go out with him. “Fine.”

John stood up “Excellent.” He retreated from the bed and flopped down in a near by chair, one long leg draped over the arm.

George pushed back the sheets and stood up. As he stretched he heard the audible popping of one or two joints. As he dressed in the darkness he was well aware of John’s eyes on his back.

When he’d finished dressing he grabbed his jacket and slipped into it “Lets go.” He walked past John through his bedroom door. John quickly followed.

It was almost seventeen years to the day that George had been turned. Every year as the anniversary of his becoming a vampire neared he had the same nightmare. Every year he dreamt of the night he was turned.

After so many years he still remembered it like it had been only yesterday. He’d been out in the garden as usual. As the sun had dipped behind the trees his son Dhani had come out to find him. After he'd sent Dhani back inside he’d turned around to find John stepping out of a patch of bushes.

He couldn’t believe that John was standing in front of him. He’d looked almost exactly as he had the last time he’d seen him almost seven years earlier before he’d been killed. He’d been wearing dark sunglasses over his dark brown eyes, his brown hair was short and strangely he’d looked younger then forty.

George had been so shocked at seeing John alive and in his garden that he hadn’t moved as John had advanced towards him slowly. Then when John’s face had changed he’d been so shocked that he’d made no attempt to fight back as John’s sharp teeth sank into his soft neck.

He’d awoken atleast twenty-four hours later in an old house John was living in. His heart no longer beat. Blood no longer flowed through his veins. Both his vision and hearing were sharpened. How he’d gotten there he didn’t know. All he knew was that when he’d awoken he was starving and not for food.

Until he’d found John in another room he was almost convinced that the man in his garden couldn’t possibly have been him. The first thing he’s done was ask John how any of this was possible. How he was alive.

John told him the last thing he remembered after being shot and loaded into the back of the police car, that was to bring him to the hospital, he’d noticed a person climb into the back seat with him. Someone who wasn’t supposed to be there. He had been quite delirious by that point and couldn’t make out the person’s features. Moments later he had blacked out.

Hours later he’d awoken alone in the hospital morgue. He knew right away that he was different. He didn’t know what he was but he knew that he couldn’t stay there. He had to disappear before anyone found him.

He’d explained that instead of announcing that John’s body had disappeared, Yoko in a state of distress said she’d had him cremated. Soon after John had returned to England where he would be able to lie low.

George wasn’t able to ask any of the other questions he’d wanted to, most importantly was why had John turned him. This he had never found out the answer to.

No one knew what had happened to George that night. Dhani had been the last person to see him alive.

At first it had been like in the old days as The Beatles. They spent practically everyday together. Even though as mortals they had both been in their forties since becoming vampires their appearances had changed slightly to create the illusion that they were younger. Physically they were in the best shapes of their lives. And despite the fact that in mortal years George was now older, John was still older when it came to both when he was born and the fact that he’d been a vampire longer.

By night they would go out and hunt or pick up girls and bring them back with them. When they’d used them to satisfy their sexual desires they would kill them.

John however had a tendency to turn them and keep them around for a few days until he was done playing with them then he would kick them out on their own. George was convinced that John had created more then half of the female vampire population in London.

Now almost seventeen years later they still prowled the nights together however now their individual reasons were different. John still looked for girls to play with before killing them but George only went out now to feed. George had quickly grown tired of spending every waking moment with John. It once again reminded him of the later years when The Beatles were breaking up.

George was tired of the insipid girls John would turn then send to his room. There was no where for him to escape to during the day when the sun blazed outside their home. Not even his own room. There was no point in locking the door, if John wanted to get into the room he possessed the strength to rip the door off its hinges.

George stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets as they walked down the dark street. Icy gusts of wind blew at his face but the cold didn’t bother him. Temperature didn’t mean anything to him anymore.

They walked in silence as they often did nowadays. John concentrating on finding someone to prey on. There weren’t many people out on the streets of London at this time of night but John always knew where to find the few who were always out.

As they turned a corner John’s lips formed a smile as he spotted a young prostitute leaning against a street light near the mouth of an alley. As they approached her George saw that she couldn’t be more then twenty one years old; maybe even younger.

George hung back as John began talking to her. She did her best to smile seductively as she jutted her hip towards John.

She ran a finger down his chest “You kinda look like someone famous.” She grinned up at him “One of The Beatles. John something.”

“John Lennon.” He said draping an arm over her shoulders “Yeah me mates have said that once or twice.” He smirked at George who only glared back in return. John lowered his head to whisper something in the girl’s ear.

She smiled then looked at George “What about your friend?”

He looked over her head at him “He’s fine.”

George watched as John and the girl disappeared down the dark alley. He leaned against the lamppost the prostitute had been leaning against just moments ago. He closed his eyes and blocked out all sound except the faint noises coming from the alley. He concentrated only on those sounds. He could hear the girl’s labored breathing, her blood pulsing through her veins, John’s faux breathing, mixed moans. Moments later her heard her heart slowing. Then silence.

“Well that was fun.” John walked towards him fixing his belt and licking his lips.

“If you’re done I’d like to go.” George said stepping away from the lamppost.


George sat in the parlor the next afternoon, a drink in hand. Alcohol didn’t have quiet the same effect as it used to when he was alive. He could still get drunk but it took much more alcohol then before.

He hadn’t seen John since they’d returned to the house earlier that morning. He assumed that he was probably in his room with the vampire he had sired a few nights earlier. The vampire he would most likely kick out within the next day or so.

He never understood how John could just use and abuse someone so easily. It was nothing new of course. He’d done it all the time in the early days; despite the fact that he was married at the time.

George was no saint himself but compared to John he might as well have been. He had cheated on his first wife quite a few times but never to the extent that John had.

He was so deep in thought that he hadn’t heard the door open or the footsteps behind him. It wasn’t until the slender arms wrapped around his neck and snaked down the front of his shirt that he realized he wasn’t alone anymore.

He jumped up from the sofa at lightning speed and turned to face the female vampire “What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?” he growled.

A heavy sigh came from the doorway “No need to get all huffy.” John walked into the room. The female vampire wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head against his shoulder.

George glared at him “I’d like to be alone.”

“You always want to be alone these days.” John said as the girl nibbled his ear. He pushed her away violently “Stop that! Leave us.” She looked hurt but obeyed. Once she’d left John moved to the door and pulled the double doors closed. He turned to George again “What is you bloody problem?”

“You are!” He advanced towards John.

John chuckled “Me? What did I ever do other then give you Immortal life?”

“Exactly! You did this to me. You made me the way I am.” The two men each stood on opposite sides of the sofa. “You took me away from everyone I loved.”

John’s eyes lit up “This isn’t about me at all is it? This is really about Olivia.”

“I don’t ever want to hear her name out of your fucking mouth!” He spat. When he’d first been turned he had watched them at night. He would sneak into the garden then watch Olivia and Dhani through the windows; making sure to stay unseen in the dark shadows.

“You could go to her you know.” John grinned.

His anger abruptly sub-sided “What are you talking about?”

John placed his hands on the back of the sofa and leaned forward “Go to her while she’s sleeping. Talk to her.”

“Now I know you’re mad. That has to be one of the craziest things you’ve ever suggested.” George shook his head.

“I’m serious. You can talk to her while she’s sleeping. She’ll answer. She’ll think she’s dreaming.” He watched George walk the length of the parlor then back towards him “She’ll never know you were really there.”

George stopped in front of the sofa “This is crazy.”

John lips curled into a mischievous grin “But you’re still going to do it.” George disliked that look. It always meant something bad was going to happen.

He was right. He would do it. No matter how insane the idea sounded when the sun went down that evening he’d go to Olivia. John’s smile widened as George met his eyes.

John clapped his hands together “Make sure you tell me all about it when you get back.”

“Sod off.” George moved past him quickly and exited the room.


A soft breeze ruffled his hair as he stared at the long expanse of rusty gate. The tall unkempt trees concealing the castle. The shabby gate house.

To a passerby it would seem that the estate was deserted; but George knew better. Since his disappearance Olivia had intentionally let the outskirts of their home fall into a state of desolation. Beyond the gates and tangled trees however the house still looked the same as it always had. The main garden was still kept in order. Only the outside of the estate cast a gloomy atmosphere to anyone walking by.

George walked along the fence until he found a particularly deserted area. The over grown trees hid from sight of any one walking by. He placed a foot on the low stone foundation of the gate. He effortlessly pushed off and landed on his feet on the other side of the gate. An advantage of being a vampire was something like climbing a fence became the simplest of tasks.

He moved soundlessly through the dark trees. No moonlight penetrated the thick canopy of branches; but he didn’t need light. He could make out his surroundings as if it were day.

As he emerged from the labyrinth of trees he saw the house. Dark and ominous ahead of him. No lights shown in the windows. He quickly made his way towards the house.

To his surprise he found an unlocked window leading into the parlor. The window slid up easily. He hesitated before plunging his leg through the open window. Within seconds he was standing in the parlor.

His eyes scanned the all too familiar room. Almost everything was just as he remembered. It seemed as thought nothing had been changed in almost seventeen years.

The steps creaked under his feet as he climbed the staircase. As he reached the hall he stayed to the shadows; his feet making barely a noise on the floor. He stopped in front of the bedroom door. Beyond the door Olivia lay sleeping unaware that her husband stood on the other side. She had long given up hope that he would ever return.

His fingers wrapped around the doorknob. His other hand pressed flat against the door. He stood listening to her breathing through the door; steady and soft. The door opened silently.

There she lay in the middle of the large bed they’d once shared. The blankets outlined her small shape. Her dark hair spread out upon the pillow.

Without realizing it he had crossed the threshold and was standing beside the bed. He gazed down at her. Despite the worry lines about her face she still retained the same beauty she’d had in her youth.

He listened to the steady rhythm of her heart as she slumbered. She was in the deepest stage of sleep. It was in this stage that he could talk to her. Perhaps she would answer. When she awoke she would think it all a dream. She would never know he’d been there.

He carefully lowered himself to bed, as not to wake her. He laid next to her, his chin above her head.

“Olivia.” His voice low and breathy “Olivia, I’m here.”

Her face screwed up as she slept “George?” she whispered.

It had been so long since he’d heard his name upon her lips “Yes. It’s me.”

“Where have you been?” She asked, her voice low and full of sleep.

George blinked back tears “I’m sorry. I’ve been away. I couldn’t come back. I only came to say goodbye.”

She didn’t answer. He could feel her breath against his neck. He lowered his lips to her ear “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She replied then drifted back to a soundless sleep.

He laid with her for what felt to him like moments. Hours past as he listened to her heartbeat. To her breathing. To the creaks and moans of the old house.

Finally his eyes fell upon the window; the pitch-black sky had given way to dark royal blue. He would less then an hour and a half to return to the house.

He took a final look at her face. He memorized her features. He wished he could see her eyes. He pressed his lips ever so gently upon her cheek.

Within moments he was at the bedroom door. As he stepped into the hallway, his eyes still upon the interior of the room he heard a gasp, a quickened pulse. His head snapped to the direction of the gasp.

His eyes widened as he spotted the young man standing less then twelve feet away. He hadn’t realized anyone else had been in the house. There had been no signs of another person as he’d entered the house.

He knew the young man instantly. He was older but it was obvious who he was. Dhani.

The young man took a step closer, his eyes narrowed. “Dad?”

George was suddenly aware that he stood in a patch of moonlight shining through the open door. He needed to get past him to the stairs. He needed to get back. But at the same time he didn’t want to leave. He wanted to stay.

He had no choice though. He had to leave.

“Dad, is that you?” Dhani asked as he got closer.

George’s eyes moved frantically to the door to his left. He remembered it was a guestroom. He darted across the hall into the room; Dhani on his heels. As Dhani reached the door a strong breeze blew past him. The curtains fluttered around the open window. The room was empty.


George didn’t stop running until he stood with his back against the door of his room. John had been nowhere insight when he’d burst through the door into the house. He went straight to his room and leaned against the closed door.

After a few moments he moved further into the dark room tossing his coat carelessly onto the chair against the wall. He made his way to his bed and collapsed on top.

In all the years he’d been a vampire he had never come that close to anyone he’d known when he was alive. He’d never been seen. Never been that careless. Now Dhani knew he was alive. There was no mistaking that he’d seen him. That he knew it was him.

He had no doubt in his mind that he would tell Olivia. Would she believe him? Would she tell him he’d been dreaming? That it was only natural with the upcoming anniversary of his disappearance?

A smile formed on his lips as the memory of her lying there asleep came to him. If it was possible she was even more beautiful then the last time he’d seen her. Her hair raven in the moonlight, her skin soft and smooth.

As he drifted to sleep her face filled his dreams.


John watched as George landed hard on his feet beneath the window. He straightened quickly and took off at a speed no mortal could possess. Moments later the young man’s head peered out the window.

He disappeared from the window then reappeared at the door. John watched as he stepped away from the house. He stared into the darkness in the direction George had fled. John followed him like a shadow as he moved towards the gate.

John watched him walk out to the sidewalk. He glanced down the street in both directions.

As he turned to go back he found himself face to face with John.


As George awoke the following evening he heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps in the hall.

Moments later the door swung open; John stood illuminated in the doorway; his shadow long in the light cast on the floor.

“Get up.” He said, “I have something to show you.”

George could make out the all too familiar grin upon his face “I don’t care.”

“Believe me, you want to see this.” John said.

He sighed “It had better not be another one of those insipid girls you insist on turning.” He rose from the bed and joined John in the hallway.

They walked the short distance to John’s room. John wrapped his fingers around the doorknob and hesitated a moment before pushing the door open a crack.

“Oh get on with it.” George growled glaring at him.

John smiled again “As you wish.” The door swung open and they stepped into the dark room.

“John?” George said impatiently. As his eyes began adjusting to the darkness the room was flooded with light. “Fuck.” The harsh light stung his eyes. Ordinarily the light wouldn’t effect his eyes, however the sudden transition from dark to light was overwhelming.

He turned on John “What is it you want to show me?”

“Look for yourself.” He was staring over George’s shoulder.

George turned his back to him; he stood at the foot of John’s bed. His eyes fell upon a young man lying unconscious across it. He didn’t understand why John would want to show him this young man until he took a closer look.

His eyes widened in shock as he recognized him. Dhani. In this light George could make out his features clearly. It was almost as if he were looking at himself forty years earlier. He turned to John “Is he?”

John shook his head “Oh no. I wouldn’t dream of turning him.” The grin crossed his face again “I’m leaving that to you.”

George grabbed the front of his shirt; he slammed John into the closet wall “You soulless bastard!” he growled.

John chuckled “If the shoe fits.”

He slammed him into the wall with more force, which only made John laugh “Why would you do this to him? Why did you do this to me!? Answer me!” George was the most furious he’d ever been. His face inches from John’s “Answer me dammit!”

John stopped laughing, he stared directly into George’s eyes, his lips turned up into a grin once more “Give us a kiss!”

“Fuck you!” George growled as he slammed him into the wall again. He let him go and John slumped to the floor laughing.

“Oh George, always so serious. I thought you’d like this.” John looked up at him; “After all you did miss out on more then half of his life.”

George’s hands balled into fists at his sides “And whose fault is that! Certainly not mine! You did this to me.” His eyes scanned the room; they fell upon a chair a few inches away. In the blink of an eye he’d broken a leg off the chair; he knelt down into front of John and pressed the splintered end against his chest. “All of this is your fault.”

John’s face suddenly serious “Go ahead do it. Kill me. But then what will you do? You’ll be alone for the rest of your immortal life, which is a rather long fucking time.”

His grip tightened on the piece of wood in his hand, anger flashed in his eyes. It would be so easy to kill John, all he had to do was plunge the splintered wood directly into his heart and watch him turn to ash. He’d seen it before; John had done it before to a few of the girls he’d turned. It would take a matter of seconds and he would be free of him.

However if he did kill John then he would be alone. He’d be damned. But he already was damned. Whether he killed John or not he was already damned.

“So what’s it gonna be?” He stared him down, his eyes burning into George’s.

His fingered loosened and the piece of wood clattered to the floor, he stood up and stared down at John.

John shook his head “I knew you wouldn’t do it. Knew you didn’t have the balls.” Before George knew what happened he was on his back on the floor; John straddling him, the makeshift stake pressed against his chest “But I do! I have no problem dusting you. You’ve been nothing but a whiney sod for the last few years anyway. I thought you would like this. Immortal life. Never having to worry about growing old. Never having to fall victim to the slow decay of death. You were the only one I thought would want this. Would appreciate this. But I guess I was wrong!” he pressed the shard of wood harder against his chest, if he pressed any harder it would puncture his flesh. John’s eyes left him for a moment as he glanced at Dhani “I suppose I’ll just have to turn him and hope he makes a better companion then you.”

George’s anger rose “You won’t touch him!” He used all his strength to push John off of him. John’s head hit the floor was he tumbled back.

He ignored the pain in his skull as he got to his feet “I know exactly which buttons to press to get you going.”

“You always were good at starting fights.” George retorted. His hands balled into fists; the only sound in the room was that of Dhani’s rhythmic breathing. A few feet parted them.

What John had said about being lonely suddenly hit him “Wait a minute.” The pieces all fell into place. George smiled “You didn’t do this to me because you thought I’d appreciate it. You did this to me for your benefit. So that you wouldn’t be alone. You never did like being alone.”

John glared at him “You think you’re so bloody brilliant don’t you? Think you’ve figured it all out.”

“But I have. You were alone until you turned me. And now you’re afraid I’ll leave and you’ll be alone again.” He glanced at his son “You thought that if I turned him it would make me stay here. Stay with you. The three of us.”

A low moan escaped Dhani’s lips, he stirred on the bed, they both turned to him as his eyes fluttered open. He narrowed his eyes at them as he slowly sat up rubbing his neck “D…dad?”

George looked away from him “Let him go. Let him go and I’ll stay. After all there’s no place else for me to go.”

“Are you out of your mind?” John snapped “Don’t you think he’ll tell people. He’ll blab to everyone about us. We’ll have to run. We’ll never be safe again.”

“Don’t you think it would be quite suspicious if he disappears? Don’t you think people will start looking for him?” George asked.

“No one knows where he is. No one would look around here.” John glanced at the boy.

Dhani’s eyes darted from John to George. Was any of this possible? Were his father and John actually still alive? How was it possible? How was John still alive? Where had his father been for the past seventeen years? Why hadn’t he ever come home?

A low growl sounded in George’s throat “He leaves. I’m not arguing this with you. He leaves unharmed and I stay.”

John glared at him then glanced at Dhani then back at George “If he tells anyone…”

George knew what John would do if he found out Dhani ever told anyone about them “I know.” He turned to his son “Come on.”

Dhani hesitantly slip off the bed and stood next to George who took one last glance at John to make sure he wouldn’t try anything as they left.


The moon loomed high in the sky as George and Dhani reached the gates of Friar Park.

They stood in an awkward silence until Dhani spoke “Dad, I don’t understand any of this.”

George shook his head “I wouldn’t expect you to.”

“Was that really…” He trailed off as he searched his father’s face; his face should have looked so much older then it did.

He nodded “Yes that was really John.”

“But how?” Dhani asked.

George closed his eyes “I can’t explain. It’s too complicated.”

“Please. For almost seventeen years I’ve wondered what happened to you. I was nine years old when you vanished. You vanished from our garden. I was the last person to see you. Do you know what that’s like?” Dhani blinked back tears “So please try and explain.”

He was right, he had to know what had happened, if for now other reason then to put his mind at ease “You’re right you do deserve to know what happened. You can’t tell anybody though.” He glanced up at the house “Not even your mother.”

Dhani nodded “I promise.”

“John will come after you if he finds out you’ve told anyone. I don’t doubt him. He’s capable of anything.” He explained.

“You have my word.” He waited patiently as George thought of the simplest way to explain.

George cleared his throat and looked directly into his eyes “Dhani, this may sound quite farfetched but John and I…we’re vampires.”

Dhani’s dark eyes widened; had he heard him correctly? He couldn’t have. Surely vampires weren’t real.

“It’s true. That’s why I vanished. That’s why I could never come back. That night after you went back in the house; I stumbled upon John in the garden. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was supposed to be dead. That night be turned me; and ever since I have been a vampire.” George saw the shock register on Dhani’s face “I know it’s a lot to take in. I couldn’t believe it either when John first told me what we were. And now I must go back to him. If I don’t he’ll come after us both. I hope you understand. I have to go back to him to keep you safe.”

The young man nodded rigidly “I understand.”

George nodded “Good.” He watched Dhani turn towards the gate. He wanted to call him back. He wanted to tell him he loved him. He wanted to go with him. But he just watched. Watched him slip through the fence; his eyes on his back as he walked farther and farther away from the gate. When he couldn’t see him anymore despite his keen vision he turned away from the house. He turned away with the intention of never seeing it again. Of never seeing Olivia or Dhani again. He had to stay away. It was for their own safety.

He turned around and headed back towards John. As he got closer to the house he knew that he would never be free of John. The only way would be to kill him; but he couldn’t do that. He would live out the rest of his immortal life with him. John had won and he knew it.

The End