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One of the prisoners reached out to us. "What about us? You have to help us!"

"Don't worry," Mary-Kate said, "We're going to escape and tell the nearby town about you. We will come back."

The fellow prisoner nodded. He looked around to the other prisoners and said aloud "Let's give these two a hand. It may be our only chance."

"What can we do?" A prisoner from another cell asked.

"Tell us when a guard is coming or make a distraction if we are about to be discovered." I said.

We started down the long hall lined with prisoners. Their would be a guard around the next corner and so far I had no idea how we'd get past him.

I still had the loaf of bread in my hand and Mary-Kate took it and put it behind her back. She stepped out from the corner.

"Excuse me mister," She said timidly, "I got out of my cell."

"How'd you..." the guard said. When he got to her, Mary-Kate swung the peice of bread at the guard and knocked him out.

I stared at her in astonishment. Mary-Kate wasn't exactly what you'd called violent. We highfived and continued our journey.


We managed to make some sort of shelter to keep us hidden. We heard thunder off in the distance and the wind was starting to pick up slightly.

"I wish we would have brought a tent of some sort." I said to John

He sighed. "Lets hope we find some sort of shelter before the storm gets here"

"What can we possibly find out here?" I spotted a few trees clumped together. I didn't think it would be a good idea with the lightning and all.

Just then I spotted a light in the distance "Hey John, look at that" I said pointing.

"What is it?" John said to me.

"It sounds like... a plane of somesort." I said. "It's coming closer."

We both got down and tried to hide incase it was looking for us.

"Calm down you two," Captain Gibson said, "It's just one of ours giving us a shelted from the incoming storm."

The plane dropped a box and it tumbled before coming to a stop a few yards from us.

We ran over to the bag to find a small tent, just big enough for the 3 of us.

"This is going to be a little awkward." John said. We all looked at eachother and sighed.


"We continued on our way. 2 guards down... I'm not sure how many to go.

However, we were in for a rather unplesant surprise.

"A loud siren could be heard echoing through the prison. I guess one of the guards had woken up and sounded the alarm. Ashley and I started running for any way out.

"We ran along one corrider, only to see a guard appear at the end. We turned and ran the other way, only to see another guard there.

"That way!" Ashley called pointing to our left. We started down the corrider...


We heard the alarm ring and we all looked at eachother.

"We should go in while they are distracted." Marc-Andre said.

"I agree," I said, "Ready Kathryn?"

"She nodded trying to look determined. "I guess" She said. "Man, who'd I've known I'd be doing stuff like this" She murmered to herself.

Chapter 65

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