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They guys took us to a dark cell. They roughly pushed us inside and slammed the door shut, locking it loudly. They then started to walk away.

"HEY!" I shouted peering through the bars "Are you at least going to tell us where we are? Or why we're here?" I yelled.

They just ignored me and continued walking.

"AUGH!" I shouted kicking at one of the bars.

It of course hurt quite a bit and I ended up hopping around the cell.

Mary-Kate, who was sitting on one of the two beds that decorated the room watched me in fascination. "What's up with you?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked sighing and sitting on the other bed.

"Since when are you so feisty?"

I shrugged "Guess Marc-Andre must be rubbing off on me. Those Jerks" I directed the latter two words in the direction the guys had gone.


Command told a few groups to stay out on patrol while all the others were called back to base for a report. We got back into the APC and rode back to base.

"We've got to go look for them!" Brett said to the captain.

I nodded my head and said "He's right. We can't just sit here and do nothing."

The captain put his hand up and said "I know how you must feel, but you have to understand there is nothing we can do."

"WHAT!" Brett said. "During this whole war, we have been fighting to reclaim what we lost. So far, this has only been the case for cities and objects. What about the people we've lost?"

I motioned for Brett to calm down and stop.

"NO!" He said, pushing my arm away. "I'm not going to let Mary-Kate and Ashley stay prisoners to those forsaken people. I've fought hard during this war just like everyone else in the tub. Marc-Andre and I have been on suicide missions and we made it back. We've served this country long enough to deserve the right to go and rescue the ones we hold dear. I don't care how long it takes, or how hard it is, I am going to go find them with, or without your permission."

The captain looked over to me to see what I had to say about all this. I looked at him and said "I won't give up on Ashley. I'm with Brett."

"Me too." John said.

"Count me in." Paul added.

Kathryn looked unsure. "S-same here."

"You could all be thrown into the brig (jail) and not have any chance to rescue your friends." The Captain said.

"They have to catch me first." Brett said.

The captain looked like he was pondering for a few minutes. We all wondered what he was considering. Maybe it was wether or not he should turn us in. What seemed like forever had passed until he finally spoke up.

"Give me three hours and meet me at the helicopter pads." The captain said. "I'll get the information we need and a pilot and we'll go rescue your friends."

We all cheered when the captain stopped us. "You do realize it will only be us out there against them. We probably won't make it out alive."

"We've been in worse situations." I said.

The five of us left under the cover of darkness. Only the few small lights on the helicopter lighting our way.

We were taken to the outskirts of the city and dropped off there. Reports had said the planes had gone in that direction, so that's where we were going.

"All right troops," Captain Gibson rallied us up. "Reports indicate that there is an base of some sort 20 minutes to the east of us. This is where we suspect your friends were taken." He looked to Brett and I as he said this. "We are to secure a perimiter and shelter, and recon the base to find out what we are up against." He looked to Paul and John, "You two make the perimiter and shelter." Then he looked to Brett, Kathryn and I, "You three will recon the base and report back. Everyone ready?"

"Yes sir!" We said in unison.

Chapter 63

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