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"We've got to hide!" Ashley said, quickly taking my hand and searching madly for a place to hide.

In our apartment, there wasn't that many places to hide. The only logical place was in the closet under a bunch of clothes. We got in a closet and dumped our laundry on top of us and closed the door.

We heard a lot of voices outside and then the door opened. I could only just see Ashley, there was a small crack of light from where the door was open a bit. Her eyes were wide and panicked.


We were riding in the APC, zooming along the city streets. The air raid sirens were still blazing and it was one of the only things we could hear from outside. It's shreiking voice sent shivers down my spine.

"Two minutes to target area." The driver said over the radio.

We all got out gear ready and were standing by to run out the back door.


"Check that closet" We heard a voice say.

I looked at Mary-Kate, her appearance must have mirrored mine. We were caught.


We felt the APC come to a stop and the rear door opened. He all rushed out and saw a helicopter in the street with it's rotors still spinning. Then I saw something that caught my attention. It couldn't be... could it? I looked over to Brett and his face said it all.

"MARY-KATE!!!" Brett yelled as I yelled "ASHLEY!!!"

A group of men came out of the house, with them were two angry twins. They ran to the helicopter and pushed the girls in just as we got to it.

The helicopter lifted off with all of the soldiers.

"NOOOO!!!!!!" Brett yelled, "MARY-KATE!!" He fell to his knees and Kathryn went over to him. She knelt by him. I just stood there and watched the helicopter go. I felt so helpless.


I pressed my face against the window as the helicopter took off into the air. I could see Brett kneeling on the ground. He couldn't save me. I tried to wave to him to find some way to tell him I loved him, before the helicopter disappeared from his site, But he didn't look up.

"Stop that!" A guard pulled me back from the window.

"Where are you taking us?" I asked the guard, clutching to Ashley.

"You'll see soon enough." The guard said with a smile.

One thing was for certain, I didn't like that smile.


I shouldn't have left her. I should have brought her with me to the base. I just sat there, with my face burried in my hands, not knowing what to do. I feel so lost, so helpless, so responsible.

Kathryn came over and sat down.

"Are you ok?" She asked quietly.

I just shook my head.

"We'll get them back Brett. I'm certain!"

I tried to believe her

Marc-Andre came over and said "She's right. We WILL get them back."

I looked up and felt rage within me burning like the sun. I could see Marc-Andre felt the same towards the captors.

"I'm going to make Hell look like the North Pole when I get my hands on them." I said.

"Well be right there to help you along." Paul said. Kathryn and John nodded in agreement.


We flew in the helicopter for what felt like forever until we finally started to decend. Ashley and I looked out the window and saw a sort of camp in the middle of the desert. This couldn't be good.

We landed and the guard closest to the door climbed out. He turned to us and we just sat there not moving.

"GET...OUT" He said slowly pronouncing the words as if were dumb and needed him to go slowly.

I glared at him and climbed out of the helicopter then turned to help Mary-Kate.

Mary-Kate and I were led through the camp in a corridor between two chainlink fences. We heard someone call out our names and their voice sounded so familiar. I looked to my right and saw two people calling us. My heart leaped as I realized who they were.

"Mom? Dad?" I said, almost whispering with tears coming down my face.

I ran over to them, reaching my hands through the bars. Mum took my hand in hers and smiled happily at me.

But the happy moment finished all too soon. Cruel visorlike hands clasped ahold of my arm and pulled me away from the bars

I was about to fight them, but Mary-Kate grabbed me. "We'll see them later."

I looked at her, then reluctantly gave up and let them lead us further down the corridor.

Chapter 62

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